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Kalibrr: Not Only a Hiring Platform, But Your Talent Ecosystem

Kalibrr: Not Only a Hiring Platform, But Your Talent Ecosystem

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on March 13, 2019

Advertising job vacancies to one large database of users is one thing, being able to connect to all qualified talent online is another

In as little as a decade-and-a-half ago, the next big step for most companies was to bring their business online and reach a rapidly increasing number of internet users to expand their market and eventually increase their bottom line.

Fast forward to today, and almost everything is online, with both major corporations and small and medium enterprises using software like cloud for their processes and having digital channels in their marketing plans. At the same time, professionals looking for work nowadays can easily browse through and apply to jobs with a click of a button.

With the continuous expansion of digital solutions comes the problem of having to juggle and use multiple platforms.

From a consumer standpoint, not everything can be found in one place, and we often have to maintain various accounts, be it social media,  e-commerce, and ridesharing platforms, to find a product or service we need.

On the other hand, it isn’t enough for brands and companies to just maintain their official website. They also need to be present on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other social media platforms to reach the rest of their market.

Kalibrr continues to innovate and define the recruitment space in these age of multi-screens and multiple platforms to ease the burden of employers. With the Kalibrr Talent Ecosystem, employers can now see and connect with as many professionals as possible without the inconvenience of having to recreate and maintain the same job posts on multiple platforms.

Kalibrr: Not Only a Hiring Platform, But Your Talent Ecosystem


Employer Exposure on the World’s Most Popular Social Media Platform

Of course, Kalibrr acknowledges that other qualified talents are not yet signed up on its platform. This is why Kalibrr is working with the biggest and most innovative companies to help employers reach more candidates.

Among these is Kalibrr’s recent partnership with Facebook. Through this, all jobs posted on Kalibrr now automatically appear on Jobs on Facebook, the social media giant’s own job platform. A first in Southeast Asia, the collaboration means you and your jobs are accessible to not just Kalibrr’s over 2 million users, but also to the millions of Facebook users in the region.

This allows you to not only reach qualified talent currently in search of meaningful job opportunities, but also those who may be presently employed but would consider taking on a new position at a new company when the right opportunity arises. Imagine being able to do this without the inconvenience of having to post the jobs you already listed in your recruitment platform onto Facebook.

Your Brand and Your Jobs on the Site Synonymous with Search

While the social media and job sites have proven to be rather effective, not everyone looks for work on these channels yet. Some still go the traditional route (well, for online anyway), looking for work themselves directly on search engines, none of which have been more popular than Google.

Where almost everyone looks for almost everything, Google now better helps users find work opportunities via its built-in job-search feature, Job Search on Google. Kalibrr served as a launch partner for the feature in the Philippines, and jobs on the former are now automatically accessible on the latter at no additional cost to Kalibrr users.

Having your jobs immediately appear on Google not only raises your profile as an employer but also as an overall brand. Of course, this is on top of being able to reach qualified talents who have a preference for looking for work on Job Search on Google, a rich-interface with more data appearing in your Google search results.

Be Present Everywhere That Qualified Talent Is

The talent pool is definitely as diverse as the internet itself. This is why Kalibrr continues to connect its own platform to the other social media platforms and social engines. Even prior to its integration partnership with Facebook and Google, Kalibrr has already been working with similar companies to syndicate its job post and connect with more talent.

Similar to Job Search on Google and Jobs on Facebook, Kalibrr jobs are automatically posted on LinkedIn, saving you from having to do it again separately on the site. Kalibrr jobs are also automatically syndicated on online job boards like Indeed, ensuring that there’s little chance you are missed by qualified talent.

Helping you keep an eye on the future, Kalibrr has also established partnerships with schools and professional associations, effectively providing you a better way to connect and establish working relationships that not only help you source and recruit but also allow you to move your industries forward.

To learn more or be up to date regarding the continued expansion of the Kalibrr ecosystem, or if you would like to partner with us in helping qualified talent connect with biggest and most innovative companies, contact us today.

Kalibrr is a technology company that aims to transform how candidates find jobs and how companies hire talent. Placing the candidate experience at the center of everything it does, the company continues to attract the best talents from all over, with more than 2 million professionals and counting. Kalibrr ultimately connects these talents to companies in search of their next generation of leaders.

The only end-to-end recruitment solutions provider in Southeast Asia, Kalibrr is headquartered in Makati, Philippines, with offices in San Francisco, California and Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2012, it has served over 18,000 clients, and is backed by some of the world’s most powerful start-up incubators and venture capitalists. These include Y Combinator, Omidyar Network, Patamar Capital, Wavemaker Partners, and Kickstart Ventures.

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