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Major Business Leaders Gather to Discuss Technology and HR

Major Business Leaders Gather to Discuss Technology and HR

By AJ Avañez on September 20, 2018

Kalibrr and Asia CEO Forum hosts successful gathering centered on automation and innovation in human resources

Intent on discussing the importance of effectively finding and maintaining qualified employees with the help of data and technology, major business leaders gathered at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City for the first-ever Asia HR Innovation Summit.

An event held last September 13th by Asia CEO Forum and Kalibrr Technology Ventures, the summit served as a venue for major business leaders from different industries to share their expertise and ideas regarding the relationship of innovation with job security and company culture, making human resource processes and employee experiences with the help of automation, and preparing for the future HR’s overall landscape, among others.

People Driving, and Being The Reason for, Innovation

Presided over by Asia CEO Forum Chairman Richard Mills, the summit featured presentations from several notable speakers.

Among them were Kalibrr Co-Founder and CEO Paul Rivera, who discussed how caring significantly drives innovation, both in the HR and administrative processes, but also for businesses to thrive in general. He shared how caring greatly about problems, be it jobseekers or employees, will eventually result in not just finding solutions, but making them.

Similarly, Machine Ventures Co-Founder and CEO Shahab Shabibi espoused how the thinking and intent behind automation is ultimately what makes the latter particularly useful in improving HR processes and the employee experience.

Speakers like Bridge Solutions CEO David Bonifacio and EngageSpark CEO Navi Agrawal, on the other hand, spoke on how automation not only cuts the costs in administrative processes, but leaves more time for actual interaction within companies.

Bonifacio particularly explained how such interactions help in the alignment of company goals with individual goals. For his presentation, Agrawal touched on how technology helps in not just finding the right job seekers, but how the automated process also provides the opportunity to know them better.

Enhancing Skills as a Result of Technology

Apart from improving HR processes and administrative work, employee retention and talent enhancement was another topic touched on at the summit.

Sookie Chiongbian, Country HR Head of 3M Philippines, spoke specifically of how her company empowers employees with technology, doing so behind the belief that people will always be the key components of any business solution.

Storm Learning Co-Founder and CEO DM Varun, on the other hand, expounded on how focusing on continued learning and ‘upskilling’ helps with employee retention by constantly keeping them engaged, while also being contributory to the alignment of individual and company growth plans.

Approaching HR as a business strategy was a key talking point at the summit for Robin Bradshaw, Country Manager for Cathay Pacific in the Philippines and Guam. He detailed how automation and other solutions can help in taking care of employees which will in their taking care of customers.

Numerous Solutions at the HR Forefront

Representing companies specializing in technological solutions, other speakers shared how new innovations within their respective industries are or will be contributory to the automation of HR.

Daniel Callaghan, Head of Asia Pacific for Adecco Group X, detailed how blockchain technology, particularly its primary record keeping properties, will immensely help in making HR processes more secure and efficient, as well more affordable, and ultimately help companies become more credible with both job seekers and clients.

Peter Earnshaw, Vice President of APAC First Advantage shared how the Philippines has proven to be the most consumer ready for new innovations, and how digital identification management would be among the ideal solutions to invest in, given the convenience it provides job seekers in terms of lesser forms and being comparably affordable.

Touching traditional banking remains inaccessible to many Filipinos, Cashalo General Manager Hamilton Angluben discussed how financial technology such as that provided by his company continues to prove helpful for employers looking to not only ease their accounting processes, but also give direct access to financing options to employees.

Speaking from an HR professionals' perspective, Hinduja Global Solutions’ Vice President for Human Resources Marissa Robles shared how the solutions available on the market are greater than ever before, and how as exceptional as each may be, it is paramount for those working in HR to complete their due diligence and be updated to effectively choose the right one for their organizations.

A Continuing Discussion

Apart from their individual presentations, speakers at the Asia CEO Summit 2018 also participated in two panel discussions during the event. While discussing a myriad of topics related to human resources, Fintech, and automation in recruitment, the panelists also fielded questions from those in attendance.

The speakers shared their varying opinions, experience, and expertise, addressing inquiries regarding how they or their companies have kept up with the various technological advancements being made in their respective markets as well as HR, how they’ve constantly adapted to the changing needs of both clients and employees, and how they look forward to the future through information exchanges collaborations such as the Asia HR Innovation summit.