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Kalibrr Communities: Hack the Future

Hack The Future: Kalibrr Resumes Monthly Communities Series with Gathering of HR and Tech Professionals

By AJ Avañez on September 30, 2018

Manila, Philippines - On September 20, 2018, Kalibrr successfully hosted “Kalibrr Communities: Hack The Future”,  the third of the company’s Kalibrr Communities series.

Held at the Kickstart Ventures headquarters, Kalibrr Communities is a monthly gathering of professionals, employers, and jobseekers who want to learn more about career development and innovations to the HR and Recruitment scene in the Philippines.

Seeing an opportunity to understand the fast-growing tech industry that has given birth to a lot of startups in the country, the discussions at “Hack The Future” revolved around how to find and hire qualified IT and Software professionals, and eventually, building talented tech teams.

To share some insights on how they developed their company’s respective tech teams, Kalibrr invited its very own Chief Software Engineer, Tim Dumol, and By Implication’s Co-Founder, Philip Cheang.

Dumol talked about Kalibrr’s hiring philosophy for their software and engineering teams.

"As an employer, we aspire to be non-discriminatory.” He placed great emphasis on the fact that one does not need to have a degree in Computer Science to pursue a programming career in Kalibrr. The company’s software and engineering team is presently composed of a diverse mix: college dropouts, computer engineers, architects, etc.

Dumol shared how Kalibrr has developed a unique but simple recruitment process that has successfully generated good hires, starting with an initial assessment that helps filter out 97-percent  of applicants. Apart from technical skills and culture fit, Dumol emphasized how a key requirement for any team or company is a candidate who ranks passion over financial motivations, such as someone who finds actual joy in programming.

Philip Cheang similarly shared the recruitment strategies he utilizes with his team at By Implication which initially started out with him and his group of friends he met at school who similarly wanted to solve societal problems through technology.

Touching on the company’s mission to “build tools that bring order to chaos”, Cheang discussed the advantages of being outgoing as a way of finding the talent they need. He discussed how attendance in public events, media coverage, and exposure to a target audience has helped By Implication develop its “branding beyond brand” approach, and how the key characteristic they are looking in new team members are the individuals’ genuine desire to become part of the vision that the company lives by.

The evening’s question and answer portion was driven by numerous questions from the audience regarding tips for an IT career, workplace conduct scenarios, specific steps in suggested recruitment processes, and how non-tech companies can attract tech talents.

Following the highly informative discussions, the rest of Kalibrr Communities: Hack the Future was dedicated to the community aspect of the event, as attendees got the chance to meet each other and socialize and have more informal discussions about their thoughts about tech recruitment practices, their respective industries, and more.


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