Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

UNIQLO and Kalibrr concludes successful job search event

MANILA, Philippines — Japanese apparel giant UNIQLO Philippines in partnership with Kalibrr, job matching tech company recently concluded its first-ever exclusive job search event for their Uniqlo Manager Candidate (UMC) position last February 24, at the Golden Phoenix Hotel at the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

This partnership aims to help UNIQLO Philippines find not just qualified applicants but exemplary individuals with ambition and a clear sense of mission. The UMC role is the first step or entry position to working for the international brand before employees become full-fledged managers. Uniqlo’s target is to hire 40-45 UMCs to prepare for their nationwide expansion of 100 stores by 2020.

Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

Since launching the UMC position on the Kalibrr platform at the start of 2018, Kalibrr got more than 1,400 applicants. From there, the job matching platform was able to shortlist 632 qualified candidates and invited those them to Uniqlo’s exclusive job search event.

“We gave Uniqlo a projection of 500 shortlisted applicants as we also had to expect having a 50 to 60 percent show-up rate during the event itself,” says Abie Altez, Kalibrr Events Coordinator, and point of contact for the Uniqlo partnership.

Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

Geraldine Sia, Uniqlo Philippines COO

The event was graced by Uniqlo Philippines COO Geraldine Sia who gave an inspiring speech about Uniqlo’s history, its plans to scale in the next few years, and why it is a great company to work for. Also present were Diana Lim, Uniqlo HR Director, Marilyn Yee, Uniqlo Recruitment Manager, Kim Alcantara, HO IMD, Department Head, and other Uniqlo managers and employees.

“We partnered with Kalibrr because I believe that they can help us succeed in our future business,” Diana Lim, Uniqlo HR Director.

Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera was also present at the event. He gave an inspiring speech about moving on from failures and that achieving success isn’t about having luck, it’s about working hard to get lucky.

Uniqlo and Kalibrr job search

Kalibrr CEO and Co-founder, Paul Rivera

Kalibrr is a recruitment tech startup that aims to transform the way candidates find jobs and the way companies hire talent. It uses technology to match job seekers and companies on the basis of skills, experience, interests, and fit.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Kalibrr, you may contact our Head of Sales and Marketing Ms. Jan Garrovillo at jan@kalibrr.com.

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