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How Kalibrr Pro Helped This Senior Software Engineer Land His Dream Job

By Erica Trinidad on March 12, 2018

If you ask Jeffrey Barron his #1 tip for young jobseekers in the market, the Senior Software Engineer at AEON prefers to keep it focused on the realistic.

“The longer I work, the more practical my approach has become. In my 6 years in the field, the one thing I’ve always focused on improving is my skills. The better my skills get, the better my chances at landing a great role,” he said.

Indeed, the Asia Pacific College graduate has always seen software as his forte. He developed his first original software in college, eventually moving on to deepen his expertise in Java and Spring web applications.

“I’m a firm believer that when [a candidate] reaches a certain level of skill, the job search should come naturally. Plus if you use the right platforms, you should have no problem.”

This mindset has proved effective for Jeff. With one fruitful stint after another in reputable companies—from HP to Infor—he’s been able to upgrade to Senior status in just 5 years. It’s clear then that his strategies for skill development have paid off. But what of the platforms?

Jeff Barron
“Oh, I’ve tried them all! I always try to use my personal connections first, but when that doesn’t work, I go online,” he said.

“Job portals are a great way to evaluate what’s out there. Aside from the role itself, you want to apply to a company that has the technology you want to learn. Plus they have to be in an emerging field! There’s no point learning technology where this isn’t much demand.”

When one speaks to Jeff, one gets the impression of a sharp, strategic jobseeker—and accurately so. Yet it’s not always easy for the talented professional.

“I had a tiring time looking for a job last year. From early March to end October, things just weren’t lining up. That’s why ang laki talaga ng utang na loob ko kay [I have such a debt of gratitude to] Bianca. She was really invested in helping me land the great job I have now.”

And according to him, it seems that this made all the difference. Question is: who exactly was Bianca?

Recruiters and the Kalibrr Pro Experience

When you interview Bianca Chua about Jeff's case from last year, the tenured Kalibrr Pro recruiter recalls coming close to tears—but not for the reasons you’d expect.

“Recruiting’s very challenging work. Not just because it’s hard to find exact matches between jobs and candidates, but really because you get so invested in their situations. So when Jeffrey ran into some challenges, I felt his frustration, too,”  Bianca shared.

Indeed, it’s this deep sense of empathy that drives much of Bianca’s work. “What really makes this job fulfilling is the genuine connections we make—with candidates and clients alike.”

“We know how frustrating it can be when a candidate is a no-show, or even when a company doesn’t get back to you,” she adds. “Which is why we make sure we never ‘ghost’ our connections. We always give them the information they need… sometimes even when it’s hard to hear.”

Binky Chua wearing black with the Kalibrr Pro recruiters.
Aser Luna, a fellow recruiter, agrees wholeheartedly. “That’s why we always emphasize a great candidate experience,” he shared. “Though we are equally invested in the success of our clients, we understand that a great match wouldn’t take place if you don’t take care of both sides of the equation.”

And when you ask Jeff, this is what truly elevated his experience compared to other recruitment portals or services. “I could feel the genuine concern that Bianca had for me,” he started. “And this really helped, because it kept me going even when the job search wasn’t turning out the way I wanted to. Thankfully, it eventually did.”

Now, the engineer is enjoying his newfound place among AEON’s growing company. “I really value being able to work with people who represent my idea of success in the near future,” he said. “And now that I’ve experienced Kalibrr Pro’s amazing service, I’m never going back.”

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