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What Marketing Professional Should You Hire?

By Aaron Munson on February 2, 2018

A strong marketing team is one of the major foundations of a successful business. The marketing team covers a wide variety of responsibilities for a company, it can range from branding, public relations, content management, advertising, and sales. This also means that there are numerous roles and opportunities available for professionals to fill. The challenge for recruiters is hiring the right marketing professional to fulfill the function successfully. It starts with looking at your marketing strategy—what you want to address and what your approach is to the said strategy.

Digital Marketer

There is a common misconception that digital marketers are those who simply make use of social media and other online platforms to promote the brand. However, their responsibilities and overall role go way beyond that. Digital marketers have to be able to track all the online channels that are being used by the company, see what their target audience responds to more and find out why. They have to analyze the market and see where best to reach the target market, what channels they are using, and if these are viable options for the business.

Ultimately, by finding the most efficient digital platforms they can create strategies on how to utilize these platforms to increase the market reach and create more leads for the business.

Public Relations

Source: New England College Online
A role in public relations means the officer will immediately become an influencer. They have the responsibility to influence the general perception of the brand or business. A good understanding about the business and how it wants to be seen is key in this role, the officer will have to find different communication methods to best represent the business.

They have the very sensitive responsibility to handle the reputation of the business, keep it stable and in the good graces in the eyes of their target audience. At the end of the day, their aim is to gain the trust of that audience and help them believe in the brand.

Content Manager

Source: La Opinión
For your business to really make an impact you have to invest in your own website blog.  The content created on that page will be another source of contact between you and your target audience. You have the ability to become an authority in your industry by discussing relevant and informative content. If you are looking for a content manager there are a few things to keep in mind.

The content manager has to be creative and socially aware so that they can easily create the proper content for your site. They also need some background knowledge on your business’ industry or have the capacity to learn more about it. At the end of the day that content manager has to have a good understanding of your business and what kind of persona you want to convey and how to translate that to your target market.

Graphic Designer

Source: FIDM Digital Arts
Majority of the consumer population are easily captivated by visual Ads. You are going to need someone to make full use of this opportunity, that is where your graphic designer comes in. These designers work closely with the other marketing professionals in your business to complement the strategies that they have planned for.

They will use numerous design elements to garner the attention of their target audience. These images or visual layouts should not only be eye-catching but be able to convey the message that your company is trying to send. Creativity and innovation are key when trying to hire your next graphic designer.

These are just a few of the many roles that marketing teams need to have. These roles do not replace one another but rather complement each other. It is important to be able to differentiate what role you specifically need. Each role has their own specific responsibility and can contribute differently to your overall marketing strategy.

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