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How to Create Job Posts That Gets You Qualified Talents

By Poyen Ramos on February 20, 2018

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For recruiters, it is highly critical to creating job postings that attract the right talents. For most job candidates, your job post is the first impression they have on your company. Write it well and you'll have a number of job applications that actually convert. Write it badly, then you'll waste a lot of time and money going through hundreds of unwanted applications.  The words used in your post will matter and will make a big impact on who responds.

Don't just post and run

When recruiting, don't just view a job posting as a simple tool to lure in candidates. Rather, use the right wording within it to attract the ideal candidate for the job. Trust us, it will cut down the amount of work you need to do to find that perfect applicant.

Follow these guides to help you attract higher-quality candidates and speed-up your hiring time.

Do's and don'ts of writing a compelling job post

  • Don't use jargon. Always just use well-known job titles to make sure the role is clear. Ex. Instead of saying "Public Relations Ninja" just say "Public Relations Executive"
  • Do use straightforward titles. The job title is the first thing a job seeker sees. Make sure he/she knows what the job is about from the start so he/she will open the post.
  • Don't make the job description too bare. Identify what makes your company a great place to work. You can get as creative as you want.
  • Do introduce your company in a way that reflects your company's culture. You can even upload a fun but professional company video.
  • Don't make job responsibilities too vague and broad. Many job candidates turn away from a great job just because of unclear goals and responsibilities.
  • Do prioritize job responsibilities in bullet form. Use bullets to make your post easier to scan and digest requirements quickly.
  • Do revisit job requirements often to ensure they accurately align with your current needs.
  • Do include the perks and benefits of working in your company. Do they have free snacks? Paid vacation/sick leaves? A free 6-months gym membership?

Where to post your job posts?

Now that your job posts are optimized for a specific target audience, it's time to choose where the best place to post your jobs online. While there are numerous job boards out there, many of those are not optimized to target the right people, and a volume of untargeted responses can make finding the right candidate very difficult.

Fortunately, there are job platforms like Kalibrr who's artificial intelligence technology automatically matches your job post to candidates who are already qualified for the job. What the recruiter needs to do from there is to source through the shortlisted list and not go through all the applications. This feature is set to give recruiters and human resources personnel less time in qualifying hundreds of applications and more time doing impactful tasks.

Download our free job description templates for the most in-demand positions today.

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