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3 Advantages of Instant Messaging in Recruitment

By Poyen Ramos on February 5, 2018

How do you chat or message your friends? Is it through a mobile app like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp? In the era of social media, the majority of people are now using instant messaging apps to communicate faster. And just recently, a few businesses joined in on using instant messaging platforms for faster internal communication.

This got me thinking—since the rest of the world is using instant messaging to communicate real-time, the HR and recruitment industries should also integrate this method as a recruitment strategy for faster and better communication between the candidate and the recruiter.


On average, people check their phones 150 times a day. Meanwhile, e-mails have taken a backseat. The problem here is that the recruitment industry is still driven by emails. A recruiter's life is made up of a sea of emails from applicants sending in job applications, or messages for a possible interview.

But how do you know if these emails have been read (or at least viewed) by the recipient? Wouldn't it be nice if recruiters integrate a platform where they can instant message a potential candidate, and be able to get a reply in the shortest possible time? Fortunately, Kalibrr has this feature integrated on the platform, and here are its 3 advantages for recruitment and candidate engagement:

1. Real-time communication

The number of smartphone users in the Philippines is 30.4 million. Cut that in half and you have the number of people seeking for career opportunities. Because these people are mostly on their mobile phones, recruiters should think of this as a great advantage of being able to quickly contact potential candidates.

On Kalibrr, the moment you hit send, the candidates will see the message you send them immediately on their home screen (and even their locked screen). The ease with which people can reply is as simple as a swipe left or right, and the time it takes to write the response. People are all more likely to respond quickly to a  message rather than open an email and compose a reply.

2. Closes communication loopholes

By contacting a potential candidate on email alone, often times it gets read too late. Which is where instant messaging comes in. But if IM isn't enough to reach them, Kalibrr has integrated 3 other channels to make sure it closes that communication loophole and get the message across.

Once you send an invite or a message to a candidate, your message will not only be received via an instant message from the Kalibrr mobile app, they will also receive it via SMS, e-mail, and the Kalibrr platform if they're using it on the desktop. With this method, you'll be sure that your message gets to your candidate every time.

3. Everything on one platform

Today, there are a handful of companies that have been utilizing a new and efficient system in their hiring strategy. They use recruitment platforms such as LinkedIn and Kalibrr who have integrated an instant messaging tool into their product. So now, users of those platforms or the employers can easily source, select, and engage with their candidates all in one place.

The advantage of being able to do everything on one platform resulted in greater engagement and increase the ability to attract top talent.

We are living in a world where most of the population is comprised of millennials. And millennials want everything instant and sad to say, that's including searching for jobs and connecting with potential employers. It's time for recruiters to go where these talents are and adapt to a system where they can engage with their candidates.

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