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How to Spot A Great Real Estate Agent

By Aaron Munson on January 1, 2018

Whether you’re finding a new home or representing your own real estate brokerage company, you will have to hire a real estate agent for the job. Real estate agents are one of the more popular professions out there, properties continue to move and someone has to move them. People will want to buy and sell houses, condominiums and apartments but how would you know if you have the right agent for the job.

There are a few characteristics that you can keep an eye out for when interviewing the next real estate agent to hold your properties. Keep in mind these characteristics are more than what you can find on their resume or LinkedIn account, these are characteristics you discover as you learn more about the candidate’s experience and how they think.


For any sales position, you’re trying to fill you will need a person who either has some existing knowledge in real estate or has interest in the industry. In any sales position, product knowledge is one of the key competencies that you would want to develop. In a real estate agent’s position, it would be advantageous if the agent were from the area, or has a good grasp of the area and everything it has to offer. It is much easier to move properties if there is a little sentiment tied unto them. Potential homeowners want to know they’re buying more than just a property, they’re moving into a place where they can create new memories.

A little know-how on architecture can also give agents a bit more leverage with the property they are trying to move. If the agent knows what inspired the design of the property and how each aspect of that design complements another.


You will need an agent that has an engaging personality, someone who can influence decisions through conversation alone. Find someone who can drive a conversation anywhere and can peak and hold anyone’s interest. It is not just about presenting the property but more about making it stand out. They need to be able to identify what are the priorities of a person and how they can address that.

The challenge will be balancing this tenacious attitude with some politeness and courtesy. The agent must learn to be aggressively polite, they know when to push the product and when to nod and listen. Remember that you may be selling a property but it’s not all about making money, it’s about connecting and understanding the client and how to help them.


Just like any market, the landscape of the real estate market is an ever-shifting one. With every rise and fall of the market, the agent needs to adjust their strategies accordingly. They should be aware of the current trends and how that affects their industry.

A good eye for detail is a great way to adapt, especially in the real estate game. Notice not just how the trends change but also how the environment itself changes. As the environment of the property changes so does its value, so keeping a sharp eye out on how those changes can help the agent ride those highs and get ahead of those falls.

Strong Character

This, in any case, is subjective, there are many ways to define a strong character. Here are just a few that we can point it out in terms of a real estate agent. First, they have to have their own motivation about the job, to have a purpose outside of monetary benefits. Second, a little professionalism goes a long way. Being able to represent themselves professionally creates a sense of respect for the property, the agent, and the company they represent. And lastly, transparency. This is a trait that is taken for granted way too often. Transparency creates a sense of authenticity, people will know you’re genuine and you are able to gain their trust much easier.

There is no definite science in finding the perfect real estate agent. These are just a few characteristics that may ring the right bells for you. Most of the points highlight the same thing— that a great agent lets their character shine through. At the end of the day, find an agent that has confidence in their own style and strategy to convert opportunities into sales.

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