The Leadership Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Manager

Managers have the power to make or break their organizations. Great leaders or managers have the potential to encourage their employees to reach their full potential and achieve organizational goals. Others, however, are not as great with the role and may come out ineffective or incompetent.

According to a recent article by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), nearly every industry across the country is suffering from a leadership crisis, and hiring managers are doing very little to improve the situation.

“People rarely get appointed to senior positions based on their talent for leadership. They reach their job level as a result of internal politics. But if the wrong people are in charge, it can be disastrous for the employees and the organization,” Robert Hogan, president of a personality test provider Hogan Assessment Systems, told SIOP.

Wall Street Journal, also mentioned that nearly half of employees who leave jobs do so because of their managers or the company’s management. Since you don’t want to lose your best employees, it’s critical that you do everything you can to ensure you fill managerial positions with the right people in the first place.

As you go about your search for a new manager, keep in mind that great ones usually possess these 10 leadership qualities.

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2 thoughts on “The Leadership Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Manager

  1. Mike

    Managers generally get their position through internal promotion. Companies choose the managers from the existing employee who has served the company for years. The person with great credibility with the seniours is appointed as manager of the company. There are very chance where you will be selected as manager of the company through the interview. You will be selected for assistant manager first and then after years of progress, you can work as manager of the company.

    Thank you


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