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Kalibrr CEO suggests the use of social media in recruiting talents at 10th Philippine HR Summit

By Aryanna Martin on August 7, 2017

In this age when everything is mobile and almost everyone is online, how can companies and businesses leverage social media to reach and attract talents?

Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera brought this issue into light at the 10th Philippine HR Summit held last August 3 and 4 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria.  Speaking in front of HR leaders, executives, and CEOs, Paul shared how companies must include a sales and marketing perspective in the business of recruiting.

“You have to sell, get them excited, not just about the career, but about the opportunity and the vision of the organization,” he shared.

Paul also mentioned that using only one sourcing channel would not help companies reach and attract the talents that they want. He said that job platforms today attract a specific demographic of people and companies must think about the right channels to use to reach talents.

Aside from job matching platforms like Kalibrr, Paul also advised companies to own their career websites and make use of platforms like Facebook in running digital ads and publishing content. He emphasized that ads must be relevant and visually appealing.  

“Don’t be the company that just takes a random stock photo and puts in on Facebook. There’s a lot talented designers in the Philippines. You just have to make sure that you want to invest in that,” said Paul on creating content that work on social media.

Paul also suggests for companies to be authentic in the story that they tell. This, he said, can be done by highlighting the people and the growth that they have gotten in the organization.

The 10th Philippine HR Summit is an annual gathering and conference of HR professionals with keynote talks focused on the changing landscape of HR industry. This year, the summit revolved around the topics of employer branding, the use of technology and social media in HR, and modern challenges in the workplace.

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