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5 Warning Signs That Tell You Not To Hire Someone

By Poyen Ramos on February 27, 2017

Although the candidate interview and other screening tools are the key factors that we should use in making our hiring decisions, but remember that there are other factors that can also weigh for or against a candidate’s hireability.

1. It doesn't feel right

When you talk with the candidate, it kind of feels like things just doesn't seem to add up. What they say don’t match up to their resume. They are hesitant to say things, keep stopping themselves mid-sentence, or perhaps rephrasing things.

Maybe they say they like sales but don't like talking to other people. Or maybe they talk about the importance of time but show up an hour late to an interview. These are all examples of hearing one thing but seeing another. If you are uneasy about a person and you can’t quite put your finger on it, this is probably why.

2. They talk too much

Let's say your candidate mentioned they like technology, and you ask them "What's your favorite gadget?" Then they answer in such profound details about the topic, and even went the extra mile to stand up and pitch something unrelated to your question. The worst part was, they didn't even answer the easy question.

There is nothing wrong with someone trying to explain an answer, but it is another thing altogether if their explanation is way too much of what you asked.

3. They're too perfect

Finding flaws in your candidate is hard work, that usually means their answers are over-rehearsed. Some candidates spend a lot of time learning how to go to an interview and know the right things to say for any question that comes their way.

When in doubt, try asking an off-the-wall question. If the candidate has been giving you predetermined answers up to this point, these types of questions can get them to drop their guard and give you a much clearer picture of who they really are.

4.  They have vague answers

A key purpose of a job interview is to delve into the details of their qualifications that's beyond the résumé. If their answers are vague, non-responsive, or evasive, then either they have something to hide or they are  just unable to articulate their thoughts. Either way, it’s no way!

5. They didn't prepare

Any serious candidate would know things about your brand or company, know your mission and your website in advance. Not knowing these basic facts is a red flag.

confused animated GIFYou can spot unpreparedness when it's that time they ask you questions. So if they haven't prepared well-thought questions for you, that's a bad sign. When they have, however, it will show you the enthusiasm and engagement they have toward the job.

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