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7 Things Employers Must Do When Hiring Millennials

By Poyen Ramos on January 1, 2017

Make way for the millennials who are classified as the group of twenty-somethings which currently make up a significant part of the Philippine workforce.

Millennials are strongly bonded with technology—they practically breathe technology, live on the internet, and consume so much of social media, as well as other virtualization. They have a unique way of interacting with people and creating relationships. However, they do come with their own set of quirks.

For employers and business owners, a good understanding of this generation will be crucial in helping your business grow. To get the best and the brightest millennials to answer your job advertisement, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Give millennials their desired corporate culture.

Millennials look forward to a business climate and environment that is creative, challenging, accessible, and highly responsive. Further, corporate culture plays a crucial role in both recruitment and retention of good employees from this kind of generation. So, focus on developing a corporate culture that adheres to their expectations.

2. Demonstrate your corporate values to them.

Businesses with ethical values mean a lot to them. Companies that demonstrate that their business lives up to its values and ethics will most likely appeal to the idealistic and youthful workers.

3. Adapt diversity in the workplace.

Millennials are particular about how their future workplace practices diversity in the workplace and respects differences. Encourage your team members to gather and collaborate healthily by challenging each other’s ideas to result in devising innovative strategies, which can be greatly beneficial to the business.

4. Hire from a variety of disciplines.

Regardless if you are hiring for a financial position, creatives, tech, or some other specializations, it is best to keep an open mind as you can hire applicants who graduated with other relevant degrees. Millennials are fast learners, and they can be trained easily. Be ready to be open to various possibilities.

5. Become their mentor.

Millennials are eager to learn new things in their pursuit of developing an amazing career. As an employer, you should train them and encourage growth despite your perspectives not aligning with each other.

Be patient and teach them. Once they have learned the ropes, you will be surprised at how fast they can take over the task and how much they can contribute to your company’s success.

6. Develop them through challenges.

Many millennials don’t know how much they are capable of, or the extent of the things they can do. But, know that they desire personal and professional growth while being in your organization. Help them become developed in their roles by challenging and training them.

7. Allow an open communication.

For millennials, constant, open communication is necessary, considering that they are online and in touch almost 24/7. With all the technology that’s available at their disposal, you can reach them anytime, anyhow, and anywhere.

Instead of seeing this as a distraction, you can make this work to your advantage by appreciating regular updates and quick exchanges during the day.

Instead of holding to our mistaken notions of millennials, it is vital that we acknowledge that they have their own unique skill sets and a certain way of doing things. They offer a significant contribution to the current and the next generation of personnel.

Hiring millennials is never a problem if you understand exactly where they are coming from. Overall, young workers can make a change for the betterment of your business since millennials are the new face of the modern workforce.

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