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5 Things To Watch Out For When Hiring Fresh Graduates

By Poyen Ramos on January 8, 2017

Every year 500,000 new students graduate, and move on to join the labor force. This leaves recruiters a lot of options for their next wave of hires. Fresh grads are enthusiastic, excited to start their first. However, before you start hiring the newest additions to the work force, here are 5 things you have to know before you hire fresh graduates.

1. Work Experiences

Your average fresh grad is not inexperienced. Many students now opt to take internships, it’s important to know what responsibilities they had. Student organizations are like a workplace, they involve heavy teamwork, cooperation, and a goal to accomplish projects. This is a sign of good time management and work life-balance skills needed in the workplace.

2. Fixing the sense of entitlement

Most fresh grads have high ambitions, they want to get high salaries and top positions right away. This might lead to some of them to want everything all at once. In some instances, many fresh grads have their school habits, such as constantly checking social media or being late to work, cross over to their work.

3. Having an office-ready skill set

While many fresh grads possess technical knowhow from their degrees, it’s more important for them to be able to work in an office. Skills can be taught, it’s important to know if the candidates can work well in the office. Do they have good communication skills? Have they had experience with leadership roles? These are qualities that recruiters must look out for.

4. Settle commitment issues

You have to know that many fresh graduates may not last in a company forever, as these people always want to move on to bigger and better things. It’s hard to forge loyalty among fresh graduates, they might be more inclined to go through job hopping. This may be unavoidable, so a recruiter must be aware that while they are enthusiastic now, they are prone to these tendencies once hired.

5. Don’t get fooled by grades

A prospects grades during their time in class means very little in the workplace. It tells you that the student tests well and studies hard. However, this may not always translate in the workplace. Were they able to balance their other responsibilities to get those grades? Can they demonstrate competence on the task at hand? Grades, at the end of the day, are just a number, it’s how they apply them that counts.

Hiring fresh grads can be tricky, but learning how to turn these issues into positives is a surefire way to provide enthusiastic, skilled workers into your company.

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