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This Is the Right Thing to Do When Your Company Doesn't Get Enough Applications

By Marga Salvador on December 1, 2016

Exhausting every effort
As a recruiter, there is a constant pressure to meet quotas for hiring and filling in positions with qualified candidates. You're probably all too familiar with advertising your openings on every channel imaginable in the hopes that a stream of applicants will come your way. Advertising as much as possible is a recruiter's way of increasing the potential of more applications.


For experienced recruiters, there's a magic number of applications that will funnel down and convert into the necessary number of hires. For less experienced recruiters or companies with small hiring needs, the idea that your prospective hires will come from a larger pool of applicants is the same. From this pool you will put the applicants through a series of tests or interviews until your next hire emerges.
When the ideal doesn't happen
This is the ideal but what happens when, despite letting the world know that you're hiring, you still don't have a large enough pool to source your next hires from? In short, you still don't have enough applicants.

You could remedy this by adding incentives for recruits or extending your hiring period. Some recruiters choose to edit job descriptions, compensation, and benefit packages to draw more people in. All of the above could very well work if you are after more applications but is that what you really need?

If planning your recruitment strategy includes asking, "How many applicants to I need to get?", you are setting yourself up for an unnecessarily stressful hiring season. Forget about funneling applicants down until you get the cream of the crop. Recruiters need to stop focusing on the number of applicants they get but instead the quality of their applicants.
Quality trumps quantity

By switching the priority to the quality of candidates, recruiters don't need to juggle a dozen applications every hour, sifting through who might be able to do the job when you can have just a handful of candidates and you're deciding who among them can best do the job. Granted, we know what you are thinking, "This is easier said than done." But what if it's both?

There's no need to exhaust every channel out there to attract potential hires. Hundreds of job seekers are signing up on Kalibrr every day in search of a new job. As a recruiter on Kalibrr, you can set all the standards for your job openings with ease. When job seekers apply to your job post, the system will do the filtering for you and sort the applicants into varied levels of qualification for the position. When you start your work in the morning, you have only qualified candidates waiting to greet you.

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