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What Perks and Benefits Do Jobseekers Value The Most?

By Poyen Ramos on December 7, 2016

Looking to attract your next batch of employees into your company? If you're thinking of making them come flocking into your doors, you may want to think outside the box when it comes to compensation and workplace perks.

Kalibrr recently conducted a survey to 700+ jobseekers in Metro Manila ages 18-40, asking them what work perks and benefits were important to them. The results reveal that most of the respondents actually desire healthcare/wellness benefits more than sick and vacation leaves or financial incentives/bonuses.

Other results also reveal that importance in benefits differ per age group. While both age groups feel that healthcare is an important benefit that a company should have, millennials chose sick and vacation leave as their second most important, while the older group voted for incentives.


Out of the 700+ respondents, 86.9% or 637 of them agree that having at least 3 of their top benefits in a job will make them satisfied and happy to work in that company, while a small batch (13.1%) said they won't be satisfied.

And in a choice between two job offers, A.) one having 3 of their top benefits with a livable salary, and B.) the other not having their top benefits but offers a higher salary, 74.2% of the respondents said they would choose a job with a great benefit package over a high salary.

Most of their reasons for having chosen job offer A was that:

  • Benefits were more important for them in the long run.
  • Having great benefits are good reasons to stay longer in a company.
  • Higher salary means higher taxes, also bigger responsibilities and higher stress
  • Not any amount of money can compensate an employee's health.

Whereas, those that chose job offer B think that a high salary for them was more practical so they can help support their families, and also so that they could save more. 

So next time you want to attract a lot applicants in your company, better consider looking at what benefit package you're putting in the job description.

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