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7 Christmas Songs Every Recruiter Can Relate To

By Poyen Ramos on December 12, 2016

While some people are gearing in for the holidays, some of us are still trying to get jobseekers to apply, and finally hire someone before we say farewell to 2016.

So, to make the season more jolly while you're scouting for applicants, we decided to find Christmas songs that exactly relates to the ups-and-downs recruiters face in their career.

Ready your earphones because we have songs for:

1. When your boss asks you to hire someone before the year ends.

2. When you’re hoping and praying that jobseekers will apply to your job post.

3. When you’re interviewing someone and you think they’re perfect for the job.

4. When a candidate you thought you had declines your job offer.

5. When you’re trying to convince a candidate to reconsider the offer.

6. When you’re asking Santa for an assurance that your candidate would say yes.

7. And finally, when that perfect candidate finally says yes and signs the offer.

It's indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

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