7 Unique Recruiting Strategies You Should Try This 2017

With the job market as packed as it is today, recruiters are looking for more and more innovative ways to draw candidates in. Many large and tenured companies like Google have developed recruiting methods that they're known for while other companies try different techniques until they uncover a process that gets them the kind of candidates they need.

Remember that when you come across a new strategy, these aren't plug and play methods. They are used for specific purposes and are meant to uncover specific details about the candidates. There are, however, some unique strategies out there that are worth a shot for any company. Try these 7 out for starters:

1. Have candidates self select via open house.

By opening your doors with an open house, you are allowing candidates to accept or decline the invitation and by natural self selection, they will narrow your candidate list to a group that is genuinely interested in learning more about the company or position.

2. Make existing employees happy.

But I'm hiring new employees, you are probably thinking. Did you know that most successful hires are sourced through employee referrals? Investing resources into your existing employee base will give them a reason to be brand ambassadors and without knowing it, they will do the recruiting for you.

3. Build a mentorship network.

Any company has talent that they are proud of. Use this to your advantage and start a mentorship program. As it grows, the program will become a selling factor for your company and draw candidates in because of the clear development they can get with you.

4. Get creative with a commercial.

Yes, a commercial. We don't mean a straightforward, "We're hiring!" spot on TV, but creative commercials that will actually bring candidates to your office doors. Your goal is to entice, not necessarily inform.

5. Go to the candidates with a mobile recruiting car.

If the candidates aren't coming to you, bring the company to them. Oftentimes, the best talent for your company aren't knocking on your door simply because they don't know which door you're behind.

6. Turn your business cards into recruiting cards.

Considering that your business card gets handed out pretty regularly anyway, you aren't losing much in turning them into a recruitment stint as well. For a smaller, thicker piece of paper, they hold much more face value than fliers, leaflets, and fans that we're 100% alright with immediately tossing in the trash.

7. Tell them you want them.

For those hard to get gems a.k.a. those who are currently/already employed, it will take some big guns to get them to quit their jobs and make their way to you. There's no need for beautiful eyes and sweet talk here, get straight to the point and get them already.

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