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3 Common Problems Recruiters Face (and How to Solve Them)

By Poyen Ramos on November 8, 2016

Experienced recruiters like you often hit roadblocks throughout the talent acquisition process. Today, the competition for searching and hiring top talents continues to increase and recruiting becomes challenging altogether.

We've identified these challenges and came up with ways on how to overcome them. Here are just a few of the many challenges recruiters face today, and the steps they should take to move forward.

1. Great resume, but not a cultural fit.

Image result for unimpressed recruiterThe fix: This leads up to your efforts for employer branding. This allows you to highlight your company's culture and provide candidates with valuable insights before they apply.

Create blog content that highlights your company's environment, Q&A style videos, organize events, share photos across your social media networks which can also provide a day-in-the-life view in the office. This way, you can already create a connection with potential candidates before they even submit they're resumes.

2. Lack of communication between recruiters and hiring managers.

Image result for discussion professionalsThe fix: Hiring managers are usually hands-off during the initial interview stages. And some hiring managers tend to have the opinion that it isn't worth their time to share information or feedback with recruiters because they wouldn't understand. Having a lack of communication between the two would result in a longer hiring process, or worse, a bad hire!

To ensure you identify and hire the best talent, provide your hiring managers with the right tools to help them easily compare and contrast between candidates.

3. Hard to fill roles.

Image result for stressed professionalThe fix: Recruitment agencies give you the opportunity to hand the job to experts who will aim to bring you candidates matching your exact requirements in a shorter timeframe. They can turn a month-long search into one that lasts just a few weeks or even days. Knowing when and how to use them effectively can not only reduce the stress of recruiting, it can also guarantee a long-term hire.

Recruiting is a tough job, there is no doubt. But there is certainly a great reward when that perfect match happens.

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