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This Is How You Stop Your Best Employees From Resigning

The days are long gone for a person to stay with a company for 30 straight years. The competition in the job market is fierce, and well, job seekers want to try their luck with them all.

So when a great team member decides to submit that resignation notice, it can set off a chain of difficult events for the co-workers left behind as well as the company.

Managers and their team find themselves scrambling to balance out the workload that was left. And, depending on the employee that left, many of the team members may feel shaken over the loss, which could essentially make them feel demotivated, or lack productivity. Hiring for a replacement is the next best option but we all know it never comes easy.

Yet, a lot of managers still don't understand why their employees are leaving, or more importantly, how they can get them to stay.

Here are a few things you need to do right now to keep your team on board, and a checklist on how to make that happen.

The job description is what they expected

Studies have shown that a lot of employees quit their job within the a year of being employed, the one main reason was that they simply didn't have a realistic view of their role.

Now, we know that hiring managers love writing 5,000 word job description, but sometimes, those descriptions don't really say anything about the role that the job entails. So next time you are looking to post a position, make sure the job description should be what the applicant is expecting with the role.

Pay them what they’re worth

Let's face it, all of us want to be rich, or at least be able to afford the life we want to live. But the smart ones simply want to be paid what they're worth. If their contributions have been a value to the company, then make sure the pay you give them is of great value as well.

Be open and transparent with the current external market salary ranges and where their salary fits the range. Then, your next step would be to help your team go to the next level so that they can progressively grow their salaries as well.

Find hidden opportunities for them to grow

As a manager, you can always talk about how great your team member is, but that doesn't necessarily equate to make them stay. If you don't show them a path to career advancement, they will surely leave you in a heartbeat.

Find opportunities for your team members to develop their skills, or better yet, their leadership skills. It could be as simple as taking on the lead role of a project, or assigning them to help another department with their projects. Coach them if you must. Be a mentor, not just a boss.

By simply providing them with additional challenging assignments that'll help them grow will let your team members feel that you value their skills and expertise. Just make sure you ask them if they want the assignment first—there's nothing more dreadful than being assigned at something you don't want.

These are the things you should be doing for the long term, and should be incorporated even before you hire someone.

However, here's a checklist of what you can do now when you feel like you're employees are thinking of packing their bags sometime soon.

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  1. dobsaga

    Just a typo error, which can be corrected, or it (missing words) must have been deleted accidentally…

    2nd Paragraph on the First “TO DO” Item probably has a word / words missing in it.

    In reference to:
    “make sure the job description real and it should be what the applicant is expecting.”

    It says “description real”, you must have meant something else 🙂


    Great read though!


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