5 Alternative Ways to Finding Experienced Candidates (That Doesn’t Involve a Job Board)

It not always easy for a company to look for experienced candidates to fill in for top positions. Today, we're already living the "Golden Age of Recruiting" which requires a combination of many forces—market-driven, people-driven, technology-driven—that will smoothly match the right people in the right jobs and companies.

However, today's job market is highly competitive and potential candidates are either too choosy or have already been recruited by another company. So, where do you go to search for excellent employees?

Here is a short 5 item guide to help you look and recruit for the top talents out there:

1. Encourage your current employees find your next new hire.

One way to find experienced candidates is simply to motivate your current employees to do it for you. Your employees know what it takes to do the job and what it entails. They want to bring in people who will make the workload lighter, not heavier. To motivate them to be the recruiters, award them with an incentive of some kind for every prospect they recommended who is then hired, and actually stays in the company for long time.

2. Use online communities.

Niche online communities are also good places to find your next great hire. You can easily determine well-versed experts in the field and be able to actually discuss or converse with them on the community's forums.

3. Look for mutual connections on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Going into your personal networks online is another place to find good employees. Your friends, colleagues and former colleagues can help to recommend the right type of candidate who would be a good fit with your company and the details of the job. Try utilizing Facebook or LinkedIn to see if there are any mutual connections between you and a potential candidate you don't know. Mutual networks also help to get a second opinion on a potential candidate before arranging an interview.

4. Be where your future employees spend their time most.

One way to reach and engage great talent in this competitive landscape is to be at the same places where your future employees usually spend most of their time in. Physical places such as workshops, niche community gatherings, and/or those users who are regularly commenting on popular blogs and forums.

5. Target your competitor’s employees.

Pirating. That's probably how others would term it. Identify who your closest competitors are, or other companies within your industry. Once you know who they are, solicit their top employees with similar titles and roles, and start reaching out to them through email, phone call, or LinkedIn.

This strategy both has its pros and cons: It's good because the person will have substantial experience already with that specific role, but the bad side would be, they could be passive jobseekers, and the recruiting process will definitely take a lot of time and effort.

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