This Is How You Separate Good Hires From Bad

As we all know, turnover and hiring new employees can be consuming and costly for a company. That’s why most recruiters today not only look at a candidate’s skills and knowledge, they also look at attitude and character.

The reason why top companies are successful is because they heavily weigh on personality when determining the most qualified employees. Although, skills are always the first priority when hiring a person, it’s also best to understand that information can always be taught.

While businesses put much effort to retain their best employees, they also work twice as hard and make good hiring decisions to avoid such loss in the future. And knowing a good hire from a bad one starts during the interview stage.

Here's a checklist you can base on. While this might not be all there is to it, it's something you should definitely consider before hiring someone. We've made a free downloadable PDF and explained each item there thoroughly as well.

The Good and the Great

  • Action oriented
  • Detail oriented
  • Intelligent
  • Ambitious
  • Displays leadership
  • Confident
  • Cultural fit
  • Honest
  • Hard-working
  • Enthusiastic and Passionate
  • Team player

The Bad and the Ugly

  • No longevity with past employers
  • Significant gaps in employment
  • Lack of achievements
  • Lack of eye contact
  • No pre-interview research
  • Lack of attention
  • Demanding attitude
  • No questions for you

Remember, you can always train an employee on your product or service, but you can’t train someone to have integrity, resiliency, self-confidence and work ethic. Think about it.

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