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5 Very Real Feelings When You Can't Find The Candidate You Want

By Marga Salvador on September 9, 2016

Being a recruiter is a constant search for a needle in the haystack—only, you're looking for a very qualified needle in an extremely competitive haystack. There are days when your game face is on and you're ready to get those candidates into the pipeline, but there are also the days when it seems like none of the fish fit the net you're holding.

Hang in there, recruiters, we feel you.
1. When boss gives you a new hiring assignment...
...And it's a good day.
(Source: pinterest)pinterest)">
2. A regular day on the job.

(Source: pintesrest)
(Source: pintesrest)

3. When things take a turn for the worse.
(Source: twitter)twitter)">
4. When the voice at the end of the tunnel calls out to you.
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5. When you feel like you're getting closer...

...And the candidates be like
(Source: memegenerator)
(Source: memegenerator)

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