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How Much Should You Be Paying Your New Hires?

By Marga Salvador on September 28, 2016

Jobseekers are becoming quite the negotiators when it comes to their salaries. What used to be a standard amount for all new hires is soon becoming a game of tug-of-war between companies and persistent jobseekers. Before one of them catch you off guard with an argument for a higher salary, make sure you aren't putting too much or too little on the table.


This begs the question of, "How much should I pay my new hires?" There are metrics that will tell you to look at financial capacity, skill level, experience, etc. and you adjust your offer based on that. From accounting to public service, we've compiled a kit containing the starting salary ranges for some of the top industries in the Philippines based on the thousands of companies on Kalibrr. Stay ahead of the game and get the most bang for your buck!