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Should You Still Consider Hiring Candidates Without College Degrees?

By Ken Bass on September 16, 2016

Back when we were still studying, we were taught one common thing – “Good grades make for a better future.” As far as I can remember, I was told to do well in school, earn a degree or two and score an admirable, first-rate job right after. A life map that we've probably had ever since we were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?" But in a time where everyone is trying to diversify the field, is a degree necessary for employment? Why should employers consider candidates without degrees?

Here are three reasons why you should still consider hiring people without college degrees:

They prove their worth with skills to match


One might argue that while a college degree may not be necessary for entry-level work, employers would still want to hire candidates who can potentially be promoted to higher-level positions where a college education could come in hand. However, for most jobs, previous experience or just skills alone are enough to be considered for the work. Many degreed applicants think their degree speaks for them. Extensive degrees or credentials alone do not totally predict job performance. Find a potential candidate that have actual skills at play that can get the job done.

Don’t exclude, include!

Source: Forbes

By eliminating the degree requirement, recruiters or employers are able to widen their candidate pool, consequently enabling them to explore an array of applicants with different backgrounds. This helps diversify the workplace and bring diverse resources, that in a way, is beneficial.

Success comes from learning


There are institutions who are changing the course of education in fundamental ways; they are based not on time in a course but on tangible evidence of learning. Candidates who have not yet acquired their degrees are very flexible when it comes to training. They are most likely open to learning and are easier to handle when it comes to managing them. This is also an opportunity for hiring managers to get creative with their instruction to help their new employees become more qualified in the skills necessary for the job.

Success comes from learning. If an applicant doesn't have a college degree, but you can sense that he/she is a lifelong learner devoted to developing themselves and learning new and relevant skills, then they will be worth the hire.

For now, having a degree remains to be the norm, but one should remember that sometimes, good grades don’t equate good performance.

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