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3 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Isn't Reaching Quotas

By Marga Salvador on August 4, 2016

When it seems like you've tried every play in the book but you still aren't reaching your quotas, it can't be a pretty sight. One slip up and your backlog turns into an avalanche of deliverables that you can't outrun. The result is a cold, hard, and burned out recruiter. Even lesser established companies have some semblance of a process or guidelines when it comes to hiring new talent, there are some great recruitment tools out there that should make the work much more seamless and yet, we're still not making quotas. Why does this keep happening?
1. Your recruitment process is ruining your employer brand.
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Most companies that have monthly quotas or require bulk hiring fall victim to letting candidates fall through the cracks. Like it or not, talent recruitment today is in part dictated by the talent and if they don't like your process, if you are inconsistent, or if you fail to meet expectations (that you set for yourself), they take it to social media. This influencing of their personal networks poisons the rest of the immediate waters and this means less fish for you.

Solution: Standardize the process. If this can't be done for the entire company, then have minimum standards that each department has to meet. That is part of your employer brand.
2. Your recruitment process is failing because you take too long to respond (if at all).
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Jobseekers today, especially the young ones, have absolutely no patience. On your side of things, you are managing 20, 50, 100 applications? However, on their side, they are looking at one: their own. It seems unfair to have such a ratio with expectations to serve everyone first but that's the reality. It's never looked forward to to read a rejection email, but most jobseekers will be appreciative of you telling that precisely because most recruiters don't.

Solution: If you can't organize communication channels for yourself, find an ATS that can do it for you. You may want to keep your processes internal but that might come at the cost of potential hires that were left unattended. Shame, isn't it?
3. Your recruitment process needs an upgrade
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While there will never be a replacement for the human ability to gauge culture fit, we are also living in a digital age that has produced some impressive recruitment tech that essentially does nitty-gritty work for you. This leaves your hands and mind free to focus on more important things. Strategize an upscale, host a recruiting event, do things that the tech can't but you can if you stop focusing on the menial tasks.

Solution: An Upgrade

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