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How to Manage Remote Workers That You Can't See

By Marga Salvador on August 8, 2016

This article first appeared on Inc-South East Asia. Visit their page for more business and leadership resources. 

How do you manage team members that work remotely and you can't see every day? Traditionally organizations have managers that walk around can check on work, reach out and discuss matters which you can't do with flexible workers or remote workers.

Leveraging technology is one way that you can manage remote workers. It is also very important to set very clear guidelines and expectations; such as having set times that your remote workers can be reached. When you focus on the deliverables from your remote workers the need to "see" them isn't really needed any longer as long as those deliverables are of the same high quality that you would receive if they were working in the same office as you. One thing that successful organizations do is they still meet with their remote workers once or twice a year so that there is still some physical interaction and that piece doesn't completely go away.

Using internal social networks, video conferencing, task management programs, setting specific guidelines and expectations with your remote workers is a must for successfully managing a remote or virtual team. When you leverage technology and set those guidelines and communicate, you have the recipe for a successful working relationship with your remote workers.

inc-aseanThis article was written by Jacob Morgana best-selling author, keynote speaker, and futurist. His latest book, "The Future of Work," explores how the workplace is changing and was endorsed by business leaders including the chairman of KPMG, CEO of Whirlpool, CEO of Schneider Electric, Owner of the Golden State Warriors, and many others. Jacob is also the co-founder of The Future of Work Community, a global brand council of the world’s top organizations that explore everything from talent to technology to organizational culture. Jacob also hosts a Youtube show and a podcast both of which explore the future of work. @JacobM

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