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3 Valuable Tips on How to Up Your Recruitment Process

By Poyen Ramos on August 8, 2016

The days have gone that when you needed to fill a position, all you had to do was just post an ad. Recruiting in the 21st century has pretty much evolved. Much like the real estate industry, recruiting goes through constant changes depending on the current trend.

In earlier years, it was more of an employer-centered market, which means there were more jobseekers than there were job openings. Today, it has shifted into a candidate's market. Ads used to get a hundred applications in a day, now, you're lucky to even get 10-20 resumes in a week.

So what has changed?

Candidates are more careful now with where and what kind of jobs they apply to. They are advised early on not to jump into the next job opening that's presented to them, that they should assess their own "criteria" for what is acceptable as their next job.

And because today's jobseekers are mostly composed of millennials, for them, they're not just about landing a job, but a job that provides career growth. However, they are not the only ones who are changing the recruitment game. Even the seasoned jobseekers like senior levels and executives have seen that a title and a paycheck aren't enough, they're also looking into work-life balance.

If you have problems attracting more applicants into your job posts in the recent years, maybe it's time to revisit your recruitment strategy and give it an upgrade.

How should you start changing your recruitment process?

  • Start by figuring out what kind of candidates you want to attract to your company.
  • Talk to your current employees.
  • Market your open positions.

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