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Seven 80's Songs That Every Recruiter Can Definitely Relate To

By Poyen Ramos on August 1, 2016

Ah. The 80s. Wild, colorful, fun, and spandex. Spandex everywhere. Yes, we've somehow grown out of it and evolved into a beautiful 21st century human, but as soon as that song comes up in the mall or in a cafe, you can still sing the songs correctly...word for word.

The 80s also deals with a seemingly endless stream of compelling characters, whether it's Michael Jackson or Michael, the perfect sales candidate.

And funny as we are, we decided to find songs of the 80s that exactly relates to the ups-and-downs recruiters face in their career.

Ready your earphones because we have songs for:

1. When you start sourcing a job and are hoping for to find for the one.

Whenever you start sifting through the hundred applicants for that job, it can either be exciting or worrisome. Of course, you are hoping to find that one great candidate, but more often than not, they don't apply, or worse, don't reply to your email.

And Whitney Houston captured this dilemma in her single, most specially if you change "dance" to "hire"

2. When you really need to hire, fast. 

Hiring manager pressuring you? Got a critical position to fill? This is for when you’re feeling the pressure.

3. When you pursue a candidate really hard, and they take another job at the last minute.

Always a devastating moment. Don't worry, just turn up Air Supply and let the tears flow.

4. When you interview a rude candidate and they wonder why they didn't get the job.

Just tell them to beat it.

5. When you're trying your best, but just can’t find the perfect person you want.

Maybe because you're expectations are too high, so you can't seem to find that certain hero.

6. When you're interviewing someone and think they're the perfect candidate for the job.

And they just took your breath away.

7. And finally, when they sign the job offer.

When you've finally closed the deal and hired the perfect candidate. There's nothing left to do but just out the single greatest dance in the history of cinema.

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