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Top 7 Qualities Recruiters Should Look for in a Candidate

By Poyen Ramos on July 1, 2016

Over the course of your recruiting career, you've probably interviewed and hired hundreds of hopefuls. Some became exceptional employees, contributing a lot to the company. While others didn't work out so well, and probably ended up resigning, or you firing them.

Business owners and small to medium companies can't afford to lose time, money and results from a bad hiring choice, which is why hiring at this age and time has become even more critical. The cost of finding, interviewing, engaging and training new employees is high, recruiters and hiring managers must look at how their interview processes go.

In today's recruitment world, relying on a person's skills, experiences, and the ability to match the job wouldn't be enough. Recruiters must also look beyond what's written on that sheet of paper.

Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Alan Hall identified seven qualities recruiters should consider to find not just the best candidates, but candidates that you'll be sure who's goals and intentions are at par with your company goals.

1. Competent

This should be the first thing you should consider. Does the candidate possess the necessary skills, experiences and education to thrivingly accomplish the tasks you need them to do?

2. Capable

Will this person complete not only the easy tasks but will also find ways to deliver work that require more effort and creativity? Being capable means the employee has potential for growth and the ability and willingness to take on more responsibility.

Source: Glassdoor

3. Compatible

Will this candidate easily get along with the staff? And more importantly, will he or she get along with existing and potential clients and partners? Here, it is also important the person's ability to be harmonious with the the boss, the officemates, you, and the clients, because if they can't, it's going to cause problems in the long run.

4. Commitment

Is the candidate in it for the long term? Or is he or she just passing through, always looking for something better? Look into their past jobs and how long they spent on each because it'll provide a clear insight on the matter.

5. Character

Does the person have characteristics and values that align with the you and the company? Are they honest? Are they above reproach? Are they selfless and a team player?


6. Culture

Like any other business, every company has a set of unique culture. It is based on a company's certain values, expectations, policies that influence the behavior of a leader and it's employees. Employees who don’t reflect this tend to be a little disruptive and difficult.

7. Compensation

Does the potential employee agree to a market-based compensation package and is satisfied with what is offered. Because if not, chances are that employee may feel unappreciated and might not perform well as expected.

With these qualities, you can definitely be able to spot your best potential employee. Search for the truth. If you feel like their answers are modestly presented or exaggerated, ask them for references; best if you ask for names of former bosses, peers and subordinates, they're usually not biased in giving a report. This will give you a full and accurate view, good and bad, that will leave you much better equipped to select the best candidate.

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