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7 Things Every New Recruiter Needs to Know About Candidate Interviews

By Poyen Ramos on July 12, 2016

If you just recently stepped into the world of recruitment, it's likely that you're a bit anxious about interviewing your first set of candidates. You've been reading the guidebook your hiring managers gave you; studying the rules closely and jotting down the questions you need to ask.

Now, this is a start of a very exciting journey for you (and all the hopefuls you'll be interviewing). The interview is your chance to talk with a candidate and see if they match the skill set you're looking for and if they fit the organization profile. It's a tall order. Don't worry if you're feeling intimidated right about now. That's what we're here for. Take a breather and read on.

Preparation. That's what you need to start with. Here's a kit that every recruiter needs to prepare for every interview. You may also download the free PDF at the end of the article.

1. Clear understanding of the position

It's like going to war without knowing what you're fighting about. For an interview to run smoothly and successfully, it's important that you know the ins and outs of what your company is looking for, or what specific things the hiring manager wants for the role. When you have this, it's easy for you to structure your interviews accordingly.

2. Review the applicant's profile, resume, or application

This should be an obvious one, but when you're interviewing more than one person in a day, it doesn't always happen.

If you go to an interview with little knowledge of the candidate, you're likely to spend half of the time going over their profile as opposed to asking questions to get to know them even more. There are some cool recruitment platforms that make reviewing a candidate's profile easy. So review their qualifications beforehand, so you can focus more on asking more pointed questions and have an efficient conversation with them.

3. Prepare your interview questions

While job interviews are supposed to focus on a candidate’s professional skills, some recruiters and hiring managers today have taken to some extent to ask unconventional questions to identify talent and see someone who will fit well in the company.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask your candidate during the interview.

4. Know how to show the highlights of your company

An interview is a two-way street. As much as you want to find out if a candidate is fit for the organization, they are also looking into if they like your company and want to pursue the job. Use this opportunity to show the candidate why it's great working for your company; let the know what makes it unique, show them around the office, let them meet the team, make them feel welcome.

5. Prepare how to answer the candidate's questions for you

Again, they're interviewing you as much as you're interviewing them, so prepare to answer a candidate's questions the best way possible. In a LinkedIn survey, professionals said getting their business and day-to-day questions answered was most important to them during an interview.

The more information you can give them about their role, or about their day-to-day responsibilities, the more likely they'll consider the job.

Download the complete free kit.

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