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8 Types of Toxic Managers You've Probably Worked With (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Poyen Ramos on June 6, 2016

It's no secret that a positive work environment starts from the top down. When a manager sets a good example, it reverberates to the employees, which in turn, encourages innovation and collaboration. But when a manager fails, it's going to be different story.

Toxic managers come in all forms. Some are friendly, but extremely disorganized and ill-qualified. Others are demanding, but fail to make productive contributions themselves. Whatever the case, toxic managers are bad news, and knowing how to deal with one will probably save you, your relationships, and your career.

To help you out, GetVoip identified 8 types of toxic managers and provided suggestions for how to handle them.


Toxic managers make work environments more difficult, but look at it in a new perspective: they provide opportunities for you to take initiative and “manage up.” Instead of being discouraged them, think about what you can do to to improve your skills and take charge of your career.

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