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4 Smart Tactics for Managing Fresh Grads

By Marga Salvador on May 5, 2016

With the recent university calendar shifts, fresh grad season has become an extended affair. What used to last from March to May is now a five to six month period of newly minted college graduates scrambling to find employment.

Recruiters might think to themselves, “Oh, great, here is another millennial wave of newbies in the office.” But the thing is, millennials are thinning out and it’s Generation Z that have started donning their togas and diplomas.

The word on the street is that Generation Z are being even more difficult than millennials but that doesn’t mean you can’t “tame” these rebels.

1. Acknowledge their intelligence


You have to admit that with the changing times, it’s the new blood in the office who are the most tech savvy. Fresh grads today will have grown up in a world full of information and access to it. They are lazy but they are smart. If you integrate this into your management approach, you can tame them to be productive and contributive to your company.

2. Look at the hierarchy as though it’s flat

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Young people today hate hierarchy. Even if it does not affect them directly, they will reject the notion of it. If you aren't the head honcho at the company, with the power you do have, foster an environment where everyone is equal or nearing levels. This will create a harmony between employees and save you the trouble of endless hierarchal debates.

3. Challenge them

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Just because they are the new kids on the block does not mean that they aren’t up to a challenge. If menial work is part of the job description, have them do it. However, it might also be worth adding some extra work or projects onto their plate. Fresh grads love to prove that they can do things and they will appreciate a manager who acknowledges that they can do more.

4. Put them in their place

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Fresh grads, and young people in general, love to pick fights and stand up for the dozens of things they believe in. While this can be admirable, it can also be over-excessive at times. Do not be afraid to tell them off and set things straight. Even if they will make up the majority of your new recruits, remind them that company policy is company policy.

At the end of the day, they still work for you.

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