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3 Easy Productivity Hacks Every Recruiter Should Be Doing

By Poyen Ramos on May 30, 2016

Recruiters are always looking to have productive days, and with good reason. Have you ever seen a recruiter's inbox? They're always swamped, flooded with 39 candidates per job posting, so with every little boost into their work ethic can absolutely make a huge difference.

While productivity tools can do a lot of good, sometimes it's the simple changes of your routine that could help you work better, smarter, and faster.

1. Pause your Inbox

As a recruiter, emails are essential to your job. You need it to communicate with applicants, and be up to date with your job. But reading too much email can get overwhelming. If you don’t want your inbox to be clogged with emails, turn it off or use an app like Inbox Pause and put new emails on hold until you are ready to address them. More time to hustle

2. Don't Multitask

A lot of people think that multitasking will make you more productive. It doesn't. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it does, because studies have shown that overall productivity actually decreases with multitasking. If you want to get more work done focus on one single task at a time. Recruiters are often prone to this, even though it’s been proven that it does not work, with the exception of 2% of the entire population. If you're part of that percentage, then go ahead, multitask away. If not, don't even bother.

3. Work (a bit) on Sunday

If you're part of the working force that loves Mondays, then there must be something wrong with you. The reason why most of the world hate Mondays is because it's the least productive day of the week. We usually spend this day catching up on work and emails we missed on the weekend, plus there's the usual update meetings to attend to. Address this by spending an hour (just an hour!) of your Sunday and sort out everything—emails, reports, little tasks—that usually crowds your Mondays. Get a head-start, and you'll feel less stressed out and more productive the following day.

Bonus: Get some exercise

It's really not a secret that regular exercise is beneficial for your health, but what people often miss out is that getting a bit of sweat increases brain function as well, which in turn will make you more productive. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, preferably in the morning. It's the quickest pick-me-up you can get for a morning boost. Your mind and body will thank you for it when you're in the office getting overwhelmed with work.

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