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April is here and we have you covered with these new product updates!

By Jaime Young on April 3, 2016

Hi All,

In the previous post, we talked about Kalibrr's new Jobs Recommendation Engine. In this post we'll talk about other features that were released this week!

1. Follow the notifications of the job posts you want

  • Problem: recruiters get notified about every interaction of all the job posts in their ATS.
  • Solution: Recruiters are now only notified about the activities of job posts they follow. 

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Know which jobs you are following 
unnamed (12)Unfollow notifications of from your teammates. 
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2. Kalibrr Social gets an upgrade with Facebook Dynamic Ads 

  • We can now push relevant job posts to jobseekers based on their browsing activity
  • For example, we can showcase a job in software engineering if a Facebook user is frequenting software engineering related "stuff" on Facebook.
  • We can now further optimise Kalibrr Social, our product that promotes, advertises, and brands companies on Facebook for future companies who plan to avail of this service.

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3. Receive Application Emails only from qualified candidates.

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4. Toggling "Send as SMS" does not erase what you're currently typing anymore. 

Every time you click "Send as SMS", the message you're currently writing gets deleted. Now it does not! :D

5. Save Jobs to Facebook

  • Facebook gave Kalibrr BETA Access to "Save to Facebook"
  • Now when you save jobs on Kalibrr, it will save it on Facebook as well.

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6. Job posts will expire when recruiter packages expires. 

We want to make sure that all job posts on our job board are fresh and have recruiters on the other end who can respond to applications.