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10 invites per recruiter per day and more product updates!

By Jaime Young on March 27, 2016

Product Update: March 27, 2016

We hope that you had a great vacation over the weekend, Kalibrr recruiters! We're glad to welcome all of you back with new features that improve your company's recruiting!

Kalibrr recruiters now have 10 invites per day. 

As we further improve the experience of candidate search, we learned from our Kalibrr recruiters that it was critical for them to have 10 invites per day per recruiter account. It used to be 10 invites per day per company account.  Different recruiters operating within a company account invite different types of candidates to apply.

We thank our passionate users for making this clear to us and we're glad that we were able to build this feature for you!

Free UBER rides for candidates you move to your "For Interview" state on the ATS

One of the most exciting and exhilarating  moments for a jobseeker is the moment a recruiter sets up an interview with them. Kalibrr took this step further by giving the candidates you invite for an interview a free ride!

Screenshot 2016-03-23 19.47.32.png

When candidates deactivate their application, recruiter's are notified in messages.

Recruiters who are having a conversation with a candidate who suddenly withdraws experience a bug wherein their text box suddenly disappears -- without knowing why or what happened. This has been addressed by notifying recruiters that the candidate has withdrawn their application. 

Withdrawn Application Bucket in Archived Candidates

The contact details of candidates who have withdrawn their application can still be reviewed further! 

Screenshot 2016-03-27 22.55.16

No Shows and No Responses e-mails

Kalibrr made it easier for jobseekers who have been flagged to explain their side to recruiters!

We flag jobseekers you report as No Shows and No Responses to ensure that we have a great community.  To further improve checks and balances, we let our jobseekers explain not only to us but also to you, recruiters, why they did not respond or show up to their interview.

No Response: 

No-Response (1)

No Shows: 

No-Show (1)

Links sent by candidates on your Messages and Custom Questions are now clickable!

Location on Job Posts are now clickable

Candidates now have an easier way to discover jobs based on their location!

Kalibrr_Where_Jobs_Find_You_2016-03-12_10-47-23 (1).png

New Jobseeker Landing Page!

We noticed that jobseekers tend to browse more than search when looking for a job. We optimised our landing page for the browsing experience. The insight behind this is that it is easier for candidates to recognize a job they would likely apply to compare to having to recall (search). 

Screenshot 2016-03-23 19.41.50.pngScreenshot 2016-03-23 19.42.03.pngScreenshot 2016-03-23 19.42.11.pngOther Product Updates:

Added optional fields for sign up: Region and Location

Removed full name of candidates in e-mail notifications

Message text box is now bigger for recruiters and jobseekers

E-mail messages are now sent when you change your password

That's all for March! Stay tuned for more exciting news about Kalibrr as we improve our algorithm and job matching!