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Product Updates for candidates that recruiters should know about

By Jaime Young on February 26, 2016

Before the month of February ends, here are some of the things our product team has worked on!

Kalibrr is a marketplace for recruiters and candidates. We build features and continuously improve on them for both. To improve your recruiting, we wanted to let you know about a few updates we worked on for our candidates.

It's easier to source, select and hire when you know how the other side sees and interacts with you!

Candidates can now see if recruiters respond fast on your job posts.

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It's important for kalibrr to connect candidates and recruiters who actively engage with each other on the platform.  As a result of this, we wanted to reward recruiters who responded quickly to candidates by showing candidates that applying to this job post will result to a quick response.

Candidates can now save your job posts with a heart.  <3 

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 Details on the job posts are now clickable and will link out to respective job boards: 

  • Company name will lead candidate to your company page
  • Location links to job board with that location
  • Job function links to job board with that job function
  • Salary links to job board with with similar salary range

Candidates can now hide their bad test scores.

In order for candidates to put their best foot forward when they apply, we allowed them to hide their bad test scores.

unnamed (6)? Important note: If you have purchased a certain assessment for your job post, you will be able to see the applicant's test score regardless if they have hidden it.

 Smarter Navigation for your candidates.

  • default page upon signing in will be the invites page, if candidates have pending invites.
  • application page if you have incomplete applications,
  • and job board as default if no invites and no incomplete apps.

By doing this, we make sure that candidates are more likely to see and respond to your job invites. They will also be prompted to complete their applications.

The footer is gone for both recruiters and jobseekers .

We noticed that our footer prevented recruiters and jobseekers from having a great user experience on our platform. This is especially true on Mobile.

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The footer also had a low click rate -- indicating that it wasn't a core experience for our jobseekers and recruiters.  We hope that this simple change improves our user experience (making it easier to breathe when you navigate and scroll through our pages).

The copies on our discover pages have been updated.

Screenshot 2016-02-26 18.35.29

These discovery pages are great pages we have for different industries.  Our content and data science team works on providing relevant content about working in different industries and locations.  Look at the discovery page for Philippine startups here to know more!

Bonus Update:

We phased out our spammy "have you hired these candidates" emails!  ?

That's all for this week, everyone! Thank you for all your feedback and support.

Much Love,
Kalibrr Team