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Product Update: Finding the perfect person in February

By Jaime Young on February 18, 2016

We hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s weekend, everyone!

A new way to search for the perfect person...

Finding the right candidate for your company is like finding the right one on Valentines-- you find them through referrals or on websites, then you invite them out for coffee to get to know them better. Unlike traditional dating however, Kalibrr want you to find the perfect person to interview in a fast and intelligent manner.

As a recruiter, we understand that you are urgently hiring and have no time to waste waiting around for applications. This is why we've worked on making sure candidates respond to invites: 1 out of 6 invitations sent are accepted. Candidates who are actively searching usually respond within hours too! This is a pretty high conversion rate since sending invites are free, so all that's left to do if you have an interesting job post is to invite them on candidate search!

We'd love for you to use our candidate search feature more, as it receives very little attention (and it needs some hard-earned love). 

Our designer Leroy and developers Chad and Kevin have worked on this project for 2 months now. Here's a little teaser for the new candidate search this coming February:


A simple interface makes it easy to use powerful filters like assessment, preferences, skills, and language!


Jobseekers love our job board, and we applied the same tech to your search tool.

? Pro Tip: Screen potential applicants faster using arrow keys (v and ^) as you view resumes.

We haven't improved candidate search in almost a year, so we're very excited to give you a more intuitive way to search..

Product Updates for February so far:

Select from previously-uploaded pictures when posting new jobs.

We've noticed that you use the same photos for all your job posts. So that you won't have to upload the same image again, choose a picture you previously uploaded when you make a new job.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 22.20.05

? Pro Tip: If you forget to upload a picture, we automatically use your existing photos for new job posts.

View the number of job posts you have left on your dashboard.

Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.15.11Screenshot 2016-02-18 12.15.11

We don't know why we haven't done this sooner! This is helpful to immediately know if you need to upgrade your package soon.

See education and work experience first.

We improved our candidate resume pages so you can see relevant information (education and work experience) without having to scroll all the way down.  

University Logos

We automatically add university logos so it's easier to visually evaluate resumes.


See you next week!

Feel free to give us feedback about the current candidate search.  We'd love to hear from all of you about how we can improve!

Happy Recruiting! -- Kalibrr Product Team