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January 29’s awesome features for recruiters!

By Jaime Young on January 29, 2016

It's time to celebrate, recruiters!

Before the first month of 2016 comes to an end, we wanted to give you, our recruiters, a late Christmas present for the amazing month we have had with you guys so far. Our New Years resolution here at Kalibrr is to make sure your ability to recruit talent,that is best fit for your company,  becomes a much simpler, faster, and smarter process.

  1. Posting a job on Kalibrr is now as easy as 1 2 3!

Posting Job Post

That’s right! We made sure to only require what's needed for a basic job post so you can get your job online and out into the job market as fast as possible! 

2. Additional job details are optional but more effective in attracting candidates. 


Of course, we would still recommend that you fill in the optional fields after you've released your job post. We've noticed that companies that post more details about their job post attract  a wider pool of qualified candidates!

Moreover, adding details helps the Kalibrr algorithm find the best candidates to recommend to you.  If you weren't aware, Kalibrr also recommends your jobs to potential candidates, so the more details you have, the better match we can find!

PRO Tip: Our premium recruiters use custom questions and  assessments to better qualify their candidates!

 Custom Questions ( Premium Feature ) Screenshot 2016-01-28 23.23.09

Custom questions allows recruiters to be more personal with potential candidates. You get to see how they communicate (written and verbal ) as well as understand them better as people.

Assessments (Premium Feature)

Screenshot 2016-01-28 23.24.16

Kalibrr spent a lot of time creating great assessments over the last few months so recruiters can have an easy time validating the skills and experiences of potential candidates. We have a wide assortment of assessments: from testing for typing and english fluency and as advanced as testing for proficiency in sales and programming.

Industry secret: We also work with our premium companies to create their own custom test just for their hiring needs.

3. Resolving the issue for following up with No shows and No Responses 

Over the last few months, e-mail exchanges for no shows and no responses have been ending up in This creates a bottleneck between the recruiter and candidate as kalibrr gets in the way of resolving follow ups between the two.

We now route all no shows and no responses straight to your company so you can quickly follow up on potential candidates!

4. A better experience for SMS.

 We noticed that some recruiters forget that their messages are also sent as text messages to candidates. As a result recruiters who send long messages end up sending insanely long and multiple text messages to the candidate. This frustrates the candidate and creates a bad impression of the recruiter -- they think it's spammy.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 00.30.53

Introducing... a check box for SMS.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 00.26.16

 It may sound like a small feature... but trust us it will do wonders for your recruiting and communication! The candidates will now have a better experience with your company when communicating in text.

This simple and quick improvement will ensure that your company creates the best recruitment experience for potential candidates out there! It also encourages your recruiters to be concise -- saving more time for your company!

5. More candidates on Candidate search!

Screenshot 2016-01-29 02.00.52

We improved our algorithm to ensure that you get a better and wider pool of candidates when you use candidate search!

Screenshot 2016-01-29 02.00.29

PRO Tip: You can expand  or narrow the results by using filters on the left side of the screen. Play around with it. It's fun to search the database! We're sure you'll find the right fit for you with this thing!

That's all for today, Kalibrr recruiters! Hope all of you have a great weekend! Happy recruiting!

Tune in again next week for more updates!

P.S  Our next post will be for Jobseekers! ;)