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Get Contacts, Assessments, and more!

By Joan Magno on January 13, 2016

Get contacts and packages online

Last month we launched new pricing and a completely new payment flow. As Faye noted in her blog post, you can now purchase our Premium package online and purchase candidate contacts.


Learn about purchasing assessments

Assessments are core to the Kalibrr experience--it's what differentiates our candidates from those you find on other websites. Our candidates can take assessments online to showcase their skills regardless of their education or previous work experience. With Kalibrr assessments, you'd easily find qualified applicants as the assessment does all the screening work for you. Read more here or contact to talk to a consultant.

As an anecdote, we have a programming aptitude test on our software engineering job post. We've received 500 applications for this job opening in the past year. Reviewing 500 applications would be time wasted for both myself and our lead engineer, but we never had to go through that. We only reviewed around 30 applications and interviewed 15 candidates. These candidates are those who have scored well on our online assessment.  We've made offers to 6 of these candidates, and have hired 3. For a very technical job opening, we've saved so much time only interviewing those who are really qualified and as a result, send an offer to half of the people we interview.

Discover Social Impact Jobs

NGOs and social enterprises now have a home on our website. If you are an NGO or social enterprise, contact to get on this page. 

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Multiple Brands in one Company

We have many clients who have several brands under them, like Bench or San Miguel. Now you'll be able to assign job posts to a particular brand!

Other Improvements

  • You are now notified when a candidate accepts your invitation
  • You can reply directly to the person who tagged you in a comment via email