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Upgraded our Job Matching Algorithm with This Week's Changes - Aug 19

By Joan Magno on August 21, 2015

Hi, Kalibrr Clients! ?

I hope you're enjoying the holidays. This week we released a huge improvement to our matching algorithm, woohoo! Imagine your job post going straight into your target candidate's e-mail, all powered by our platform. This already happens, but now it's targeted to the right eyeballs.

We upgraded our matching algorithm to tap into the power of our jobseeker network.

Our data science team added a particular model that uses the power of our jobseeker network. Now we recommend a job to a candidate if that job was reviewed by people with a similar educational background as the candidate. So if Mara and Clara have similar educational backgrounds, we'll send Clara job recommendations from the jobs that Mara likes.

We further tap into this jobseeker network by recommending jobs to a candidate if that job was looked at by other candidates with similar work positions, dream jobs, or skills set.  This is all done automatically and none of our candidates are identified -- it's all anonymous!

You can increase your job post exposure by taking advantage of this job matching upgrade.

Make sure your job post details are complete and well-detailed so that it is exposed to more candidates that fit your job's profile. Here's what you can do:

  • Have a well-defined job post title; and
  • Identify 5 major skills required for your job.

A bare or incomplete job post won't be seen by your target candidates. You won't be getting a lot of candidates that way!

We are positive that these improvements will send more Kalibrr candidates to your job posts.

Happy Recruiting!

Other Changes

Aug 19 2015

  • We placed the mobile verification code field on the modal that pops out when you try to post a job so that you won't have to navigate to your account settings to do so. It does it right on the page.
  • We've limited the number of skills you can add to a job post to 5. This should improve our matching algorithm as you are encouraged to highlight the top skills needed for that job.
  • Fixed a bug where the job board page would not display properly on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with a candidate's country and city not showing even if the data was there.