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Jobs to Consider for I.T. Professionals to Take the Next Step
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Jobs to Consider for I.T. Professionals to Take the Next Step

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on March 12, 2020

Information Technology is a fast-moving industry, and like how many new I.T. tools and solutions emerge regularly, are a multitude of career opportunities in the field

While it had for decades, technology has now more than ever affected the way we live, learn, and do business. From online banking and cryptocurrency to on-demand food delivery, entertainment, and everything else, just about everything involves some form of tech or software.

The pace in which new technologies have emerged has been unprecedented, and along with the many new ways we are able to work, communicate, make purchases, consume content, or do business, are a myriad of jobs that have either evolved along with technology or were created because of it.

As a professional in the industry, the number of opportunities available is a good problem to have. Good, because simply the more choices there are, the better. A problem, because as mentioned, the pace in which tech advances have been its quickest, and acquiring the skills to keep up and be the most qualified for new and existing jobs entails plenty of learning and training.

Given all that, it can indeed be a little daunting when deciding on how to move along in or enter the I.T. industry. To help you gain a little insight into what’s in the job market now, the following are some opportunities that are worth a look.


I.T. Process Manager

As previously mentioned, just about every business across different industries has, in one way or another implemented software in their processes. Be it in their hiring, their finance, or their sales procedures, organizations implement digital solutions for quicker and smoother business operations, and at the helm of these are the processing managers.

Among their different responsibilities is the management of process quality, the actual I.T. services, it’s continued improvement and maintenance, and even the management of I.T. personnel. As I.T. Process Managers are common across industries, it serves as an opportunity for job seekers to also work for well-known companies.


System Integrations Engineer

Another I.T. that is present in many companies is that of a Systems Integration Engineer. While tech decidedly makes overall processes easier, it’s integration is not quite as simple, and it is the responsibility of the Systems Integration Engineer to evaluate, implement, and maintain software tools that will cater to the different needs of an organization and each of the departments within.

Additionally, they are also tasked to help keep their organization’s growing suite of tools fully coordinated. With that said, this is a role ideal for I.T. professionals who have experience with a variety of tools, and want the opportunity to help continue modernizing the company and/or industry they are in.


Full Stack Web Developer

I.T. professionals who are capable of writing and testing code, as well as debug and troubleshoot web applications for their organizations and its clients or partners will now and in the foreseeable future will hardly ever be left wanting for work. Almost every serious business and organization has or considers having a website and mobile app for its business, all but ensuring the continued need for Full Stack Web Developers.

Whether as part of the organizations who own the websites and apps being made and maintained or as part of a company that produces these for other companies, Full Stack Web Developers can expect lengthy careers as long as they continue to add to their skills and are able to provide the code and software development which many organizations will continue to need.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Apart from making business processes quicker and more streamlined, digitization and the expanding use of the internet has also resulted in the quick and easy production of data. This data has provided organizations valuable insight into the industries they operate in and the target markets they have, be it what product variants are popular with certain age groups, what marketing methods most similar businesses use, and which areas most need their services, among others.

The information gathered has many considering data the new currency, but of course, this is of little benefit when companies do not have the Data or Business Intelligence Analysts to help make sense of the data they have. For this reason, almost all digital or internet-related businesses employ such an analyst, to ensure that the data they have is made the most of and they gain an advantage in the highly digitized markets they operate in.


These are but a few of the viable career options available to I.T. professionals now, with many others likely to emerge in the coming months, with some new jobs even being created as technology and software continue to be created and developed. For more on the I.T.-related job opportunities available now and in the future, visit Kalibrr today.

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