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 Top Five Jobs That Will Continue to Be In Demand in 2020
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Top Five Jobs That Will Continue to Be In Demand in 2020

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on January 20, 2020

Concerned about job security? The following are some of the roles many companies were desperate to fill in 2019 and will continue in 2020

It is now widely acknowledged that the continued rapid advances in technology have consistently affected change in various industries, with many jobs increasingly incorporating tech in their processes while others are becoming fully automated.

With that said, certain professionals are also as in-demand as ever, with several job roles and responsibilities still best fulfilled by human skill, intellect, and intuition. Taking into consideration the thousands of jobs posted on Kalibrr 2019, as well as those which continued being hired for as we entered 2020, the following are five of the aforementioned jobs which are projected to be very much in-demand this year.


IT and Software

While technology continues to indeed become further intertwined in many a job process, these present and future solutions are only possible because of the people behind them. As a result– while manual labor roles have become less needed– the demand for IT and Software professionals, on the other hand, continues to grow.

In line with the continued development of new technologies are the evolution of existing IT and Software roles, or the creation of new jobs altogether, which allow businesses and organizations to keep pace with these constant changes.

Notable I.T. and Software jobs presently include Reports Analyst / Programmer at ABS-CBN, I.T. Associate at SM Mart, Inc., and Java Developers are Accenture, among others.


Sales and Marketing

Featuring the most job posts on Kalibrr in 2019, Sales and Marketing is a constant in the success of almost all industries, as business transactions are often a result of sales and marketing efforts.

Whether its to sell to individual customers, or to transact with other businesses and organizations, Sales and Marketing professionals are needed to make sure as many potential clients are not only reached, but also have products or services that are expertly presented to them and can indeed solve their personal or business needs.

Indeed, Sales and Marketing professionals have their pick of industries, with notable roles presently available in companies such as Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation, S&P Global Philippines, and Robinsons Retail Holdings.


Architecture and Engineering

Licensed professionals will always remain in demand, especially in this era of constant technological advances which continues to also result in expanded skills and added certifications between roles.

Architects and engineers are among those which will be in great demand across different industries, as licensed jobseekers remain few and far between for most companies. Some of the most attractive salaries and benefits packages are now reserved for architects and engineers, as many employers want to make it worth their while as their roles also often entail relocating.

Examples of these Architecture and Engineering roles presently on the job market are Service Supervisors at International Elevator & Equipment Inc., and Planning and Design Associate at Filinvest Hospitality Corporation, both of which require working in Muntinlupa City.


Media and Creatives

While technology has led to the automation of many jobs– or at least job processes– there remains no way to replace or replicate creativity, which has all but ensured that Media and Creative professionals will have job opportunities almost anywhere.

Granted, tech has helped streamline creative processes, but the conceptualizing and developing creative ideas– as well as understanding which target markets/potential clients will respond to best– is best reserved for professionals who continue to hone their craft and expand their creative skills.

Between digital and web content, traditional media, or grassroots marketing, the many facets which companies want (and need) to cover will have the Media and Creatives professionals having the opportunity to pursue careers in companies such as ABS-CBN, Luxury Global Malls Inc., and Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. not just this year, but the foreseeable future.


Accounting and Finance

Similar to Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Finance are a given in just about any business or industry. From striking a balance between revenue and expenses to ensuring legal fees, salaries, and other miscellaneous expenses are duly paid, and even providing financial analytics as a service there is plenty to be covered for both generalists and specialists.

Like with Architects and Engineers, the demand for Accounting and Finance further persists as some jobs require a professional license. Most companies employ licensed accountants for not only their financial expertise but also their ability to legally conduct certain financial processes.

Just about any major organization is in need of Accounting and Finance professionals, including widely recognizable companies like Uniqlo, who are presently in need of an Accounting Supervisor, Eagle Cement, who in turn are in search of a new Tax Analyst, and PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies, who want to add an Accounting Officer to their team.


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