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Seven Not-So-Typical Jobs That are Anything But Basic
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Seven Not-So-Typical Jobs That are Anything But Basic

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on September 10, 2019

From the uncommon to the outright unheard of, there are a number of ways to make a living, and the following jobs can be your next career, or just a fun way to earn extra income and gain other experiences

Although most professionals hold jobs which likely sound familiar to their family, neighbors, and most of the country, there are others who had been willing to take roads less travelled, and take on roles that are not always listed in your typical job board.

Some have decided on careers that are a little more abstract, like that of a jewelry designer, waxing therapist.or yoga instructor. On the other, some have more common careers, but take on unique side jobs to both earn extra as well as make use of additional skills or fulfill other passions they have.

Curious? The following are some not-so-typical jobs being hired for right now. You never know, your calling might be among them.


Beauty Ambassador

While companies generally have Brand Ambassadors, some cosmetic companies and clinics on the other hand have Beauty Ambassadors. Obviously an industry specific version of the latter, the former are roles for those who want to help promote particular beauty brands and the products associated with them such as bath & body, oral care, hair care.

The range of people whom Beauty Ambassadors engage with are wide, as these not only individual users of the cosmetic products, but also distributors and store owners of where these will be sold and marketed. Unlike most office jobs, Beauty Ambassadors spend a significant amount of time travelling to fulfil their roles, making it an opportune job for those who want to be constantly on the road.


Credit Investigator

Often tasked with verifying the backgrounds and credit worthiness of clients,  Credit Investigators are common in most banks and lending institutions. While not the most unique of jobs, it is still not a career typically entered by many professionals either, as finding the real story behind each client to paint a clear and accurate picture of their collateral takes not only extensive financial expertise, but also analytic skills.

The reports produced by Credit Investigators,  combined with their own opinions and findings based on instinct is what guides their company’s credit committees as the latter processes loans approval. Then there are the loan applicants themselves, and part of the job is knowing how to communicate and get along with different personalities.


Dating Coach

Almost anyone with dating experience can dispense dating advice, but who knew it could actually be a to make a living? Thanks to the continued advancement of technology, and the subsequent emergence of different social media platforms and dating applications, people now have a greater means to meet new people, and some have the need for expert help in navigating this expanded dating scene.

Considering there really isn’t “formal training” for dating, helping people succeed in their dating life is surely unorthodox, even if online relationship consultants/coaches are not really a new job. Indeed, while questions abound about Dating Coach being a full-blown career, it certainly is a job that is not-so-typical. 


Growth Hacker

While a part of marketing, Growth Hacking is a relatively new (and more technical) field. It is focused on, well, growth– commonly the significant increase of a company’s users or customers while spending as little as possible to attain this goal. More typical of start-up companies, but also present in major corporations, Growth Hackers are often tasked with finding smarter, low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing, and developing plans to put these in motion.

Along with pioneering and implementing a sustainable path for accelerated growth for the company, Growth Hackers are also usually tasked to gather, interpret, and analyze data and client or user feedback, then exchange the data feedback, along with supporting ideas and solutions, with colleagues to make the company’s products or services more user-centric or user-friendly.


Library Clerk

While there are significantly less physical libraries now than in years past, there remains a need for those with backgrounds in Library Science and the extensive skills of collecting, organizing, preserving, and disseminating of information resources. This is particularly true now that digital advancements have made libraries as extensive as ever, as documents, video, audio, and other forms of information and media can be stored in a variety of formats.

While not your ordinary job, a career as a Library Clerk can have one working across a variety of industries, including digital media, entertainment, publishing, film, and finance, to name a few. As digital formats change and evolve, and new ones created, so too will one’s skills in the field.


Pet Care Advisor

As many of us ask for and receive advice and recommendations regarding the health and wellness products and services we utilize for ourselves, the same can and should be said for what we have used on our pets. Ideal for those with a veterinary education and/or license, Pet Care Advisor is a job for those who don’t want to do only clinical work but want to still be significantly involved in the pet care industry.

Dedicated of pet owners consider their pets family, resulting in pet care companies evolving their offering to either be more organic, have more variety, and simply be more accommodating to the different needs and preferences of pets and their owners. With the extensive product and service lines are the need for similarly dedicated experts that can help professionally enlighten customers in making educated decisions about pet wellness and animal welfare.


Relationship Coach

While there are the previously mentioned Dating Coaches who can assist in making dating and entering romantic relationships smoother, there are apparently also Relationship Coaches who can provide their expertise in the maintenance and growth of these relationships, as well as those with family, friends, and co-workers.

Similar to other coaching or consulting roles these days, Relationship Coaches are able to render their services online. While only time will tell if this is an ideal career for the long term, it surely is worth considering for those with Psychology or Social Science backgrounds, as well as those with extensive relationship experiences, who want to make a living doing something that is not quite the most typical of jobs.


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