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“How Do I Get More Skills and Experience?” Finish 2019 With These Internships
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“How Do I Get More Skills and Experience?” Finish 2019 With These Internships

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on September 17, 2019

If you are a student or fresh graduate looking to gain work experience and learn new skills before the final quarter of the year, the following are internships you may want to apply for

There are a number of benefits to internships. Primarily, it is a way for college students and those new to the workforce to gain new skills and earn professional experience by being part of a real work setting. On the other hand, it is also a means for companies to avoid the cost of hiring and maintaining a full-time employee to fulfill short-term roles and/or not-so-high-impact responsibilities.

Originally limited to the medical field, internships are now also widely used in other industries or businesses, as well as non-profit organizations and government agencies. In schools, internships are typically a requirement for students of certain courses to fulfill in order to graduate, although recent years have seen others sign-up for internships to gain more work experience, earn a work allowance when available, or simply try something new.

If you are among those looking to apply for an internship but don’t know where to start (or thought internships were limited to the summer), the following are some internships presently listed on Kalibrr which you may want to apply for to help you gain new experiences and skills as you enter the final few months of 2019.


Digital Media

  1. Digital Media Intern - ABS-CBN

This is the ideal internship if you are aiming for a career in the multimedia industry, as you can kill two birds with one stone: learning the different aspects of digital media, and at ABS-CBN Corporation– a company that had built its name on traditional media, but has since expanded into other platforms, and is arguably the most popular media organization in the Philippines.

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Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Marketing Intern - Philam Life

Almost all major businesses need digital marketing these days, and learning the in’s and out’s of the profession at Philam Life can prove to be a good way to know more about how to use online to reach out to large financial market while being part of one of the largest providers of insurance and other financial products in the Philippines.

  1. Digital Marketing Intern  - Aboitiz Equity Ventures 

If wanting to learn digital marketing in multiple industries, then you can apply for a Digital Marketing Internship at Aboitiz Equity Ventures. The Philippine holding company based in operates in four key sectors: consumer goods, utilities, financials, and industrials; and has offices in Metro Manila, and it’s base city of Cebu.

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Media and Creatives

  1. Writer Intern - One Mega Group

Thanks to the advances in internet and social media, professional writing is no longer limited to books, newspapers, and magazines. If you’re an aspiring writer who wants to gain experience writing for both digital and print, serving as a Writer Intern at One Mega Group, the company behind publications like Lifestyle Asia and MyHome, can prove to be a substantial way to learn and gain connections in the local publishing industry.

  1. Graphic Design Intern - AARKI

Graphic design continues to be a key aspect of marketing, and is an important responsibility in most companies. As a Graphic Design Intern at AARKI, you have the opportunity to practice creating marketing designs such as social posts, blog graphics, presentation materials, and event collaterals, for a company which specializes in mobile marketing and the advancement of data science and machine learning.

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Business Analytics/Intelligence

  1. Business Analytics Intern - Lazada Philippines

Most major organizations rely on big data analysis to get valuable data insights, making Business Analytics an attractive career choice. As a Business Analytics Intern at Lazada, you get to improve your reports management, strategy steering, project execution, traffic analytics, sales and planning, and other Business Analytics responsibilities at the Philippines office of the “leading online shopping and selling destinations in Southeast Asia.”

  1. Business Intelligence Intern -

The use of data is not limited to sales, as many other organizations look to the information it generates to reach key business decisions or develop new/better products and services. One such company is, where as a Business Intelligence Intern, you will help monitor industry trends that drive data-based decision making through the creation of insightful reports and strategic advice.

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  1. Sales Operations Intern - Oppo Mobile Technology

It is said that sales can’t be learned in school, but can be on the job. This is even truer in this digital era, as sales is no longer limited to just selling, but also market research and using digital platforms. You can learn to do these, and other responsibilities such as acting as a Mystery Shopper Online, as a Sales Operations Intern at Oppo Mobile.

  1. Sales Operations Intern - Foodpanda Philippines

Another opportunity with sales is being able to work with other high profile companies, particularly when the internship is with a fast growing brand whose business involves others. Such is the role of a Sales Operation Intern at Foodpanda Philippines, where you can learn to be responsible for setting up corporate client’s requests, as well as generate new client leads.

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Information Technology

  1. I.T. Intern - Heineken Philippines (Makati)

I.T. is another aspect of business now common to most companies, and an internship in this field can lead one to being able to work in some of the world’s largest companies. Among these are Heineken Philippines, the local distributor for Heineken International, where you as the I.T. Intern, you have the opportunity to do network maintenance and data security, asset monitoring, and employee relations of technology-related concerns for process optimization.

  1. I.T. Intern - Heineken Philippines (Cabuyao, Laguna)

One advantage with big companies with expanded operations in the country is the opportunity to work in other locations outside the typical big cities. As an I.T. Intern for Heineken Philippines’ Cabuyao, Laguna, you get the opportunity to fulfill the same responsibilities of their I.T. Intern in Makati, but also by close to home if you live in or near the area, or learn a new locale if you are from elsewhere.

  1. Web Developer Trainee - Inquirer Mobile

As a result of the continued increase of mobile users in the country, mobile is an aspect of I.T. which continues to gain importance. As a result, organizations such as the Inquirer Group of Companies have established subsidiaries focused on mobile, and as such also need interns to fulfill certain roles. This includes Web Development Trainees tasked with the development and maintenance of applications for multiple platforms, among others.

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Undecided? Here are companies hiring different interns for various roles

  1. OJT - CIA/Finance/Admin/Human Resources/Marketing/Procurement - Eagle Cement Corporation

A fully integrated company primarily engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, sale and distribution of cement products, Eagle Cement Corporation offers internships in a variety of fields. These include roles in finance and human resources, to name a few, and the opportunity to work and learn in the local manufacturing industry through a widely regarded, publicly traded company.

  1. Internship for Industrial Engineering, Business and Marketing Students - Shopee Philippines

Also offering multi-functional experience in a variety of areas is Shopee Philippines, the local operators for Singaporean e-commerce platform, Shopee. Their internship programs presently include those for business and marketing majors, as well as those studying industrial engineering, and “the opportunity to be directly involved and contribute to the growth of the company.”

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