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Five Careers/Industries to Consider Outside the Metro
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Five Careers/Industries to Consider Outside the Metro

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on August 20, 2019

In the event that you want to live and work in a place a little less frantic than the Philippines’ capital region, the following are some opportunities you might want to look into

In the Philippines, there is no denying that Metro Manila continues to be the focal point of economic growth and infrastructural development. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the National Capital Region continued to account for the largest share of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018, at 36-percent. As a result, the region also continues to outdo almost all others in terms of job availability and demand.

With that said, the rest of the regions in the country have not been sitting idly by on the sidelines. While still some ways to go in terms of matching the capital region in terms of income and opportunity, many actually outpaced NCR in terms of the rate which they grew, indicative of how these areas have continued to catch up in terms of bankability and employment.

If keen on exploring this non-Metro Manila-route for your career, there are a number of opportunities you can consider, mostly depending on the job you want, the industry you want it to be in, and the location you prefer.


Information Technology

Continued technological advancements have clearly been catalysts to the increase of career opportunities in more regions. New IT and communications solutions, combined with increased accessibility, have made it easier for companies to expand their operations outward of the major metropolises, as well as allow for professionals living in these areas the option to work remotely.

Cities like Cebu for instance, continue to be hailed as the counterpart of Metro Manila in the Visayas as tech companies like Accenture Philippines, who operate in the NCR, also choose to have operations in the Visayas- providing locals who want to work in the IT industry various opportunities across different functions.

Non-IT companies, like that of Monde-Nissin in Laguna, have expectedly integrated tech in their operations. As a result, IT professionals need not always look to places like Makati and Ortigas to be able to work with known companies or brands, as their industrial sites located elsewhere now also have extensive IT roles.

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Manufacturing, Production, etc.

Speaking of companies with locations in areas like Laguna, those involved in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, production, and utilities, or any other that typical requires large spaces are typically located in industrial hubs or parks found outside Metro Manila. For those who prefer to make a living outside the capital, these places and companies often provide considerable options.

Multinational companies, like that of Toyota Motors, have local operations in areas such as Santa Rosa in Laguna, and provide engineers, manufacturing safety officers, internal auditors, and professionals across various functions the opportunity to start or build a career with a major brand while not having to move to the inner-city.

The same can be said in other areas in the Philippines, especially in those where local conglomerates were founded and are based. The Aboitiz Group, for example, is a Philippine holding group founded in Cebu, with many of it different holdings like Aboitiz Land and Aboitiz Power based in the Visayas region. 

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Another industry which has emerged and continues to advance at a rapid pace in the Philippines has been E-Commerce. Modern logistics solutions and communication mediums have made it more viable for more business to sell products and services online, and that same accessibility has also allowed for the demand to increase, if not continue to grow, and of course, extend outside major thoroughfares like Metro Manila.

Food is among the most popular products/items ordered online, with restaurants, cafes, and other providers digitize the way they provide their products to their customers. E-Commerce platforms, such as the highly popular Food Panda, are often in need for Partner Care Managers who can help maintain their relationships with their growing clientele who are located in numerous locations all over the country.

Companies in online retail, on the other hand, still maintain warehouses in different places in the country, so that they can better deliver to these areas. With that, there are also opportunities for those who want to work for E-Commerce brands like Shopee, who with their growth are hiring across different roles to complete the teams at their locations.

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Now while E-Commerce continues to grow and thrive, traditional retail has not become out of style in the Philippines. Known to have something of a “shopping culture” or “mall culture”, retail and lifestyle spaces continue to be prominent in the country, and not just in the highly urban regions like Metro Manila. 

Companies like Robinsons Retail Holdings, for instance, maintain multiple locations across the country, and as such, employ hundreds of professionals to work in these branches. While most would assume most of these jobs involve actual retail, there are also associate and supervisory roles for engineers, accountants, human resources, IT, and a slew of others, as many are required to ensure the continued and effective operations of a large retail space.

Customer care or customer service, another key aspect of the retail industry, and widely recognized brands like those of Healthy Options are offering customer advisory positions for those who want to work with the company’s clientele in markets like those of Davao, Cebu, Laguna, and others.

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Real Estate

Among the oldest industries in the world, real estate is the base of many businesses, be it the buying and selling or real property, its development for residential or commercial use, or utilization in some other way, shape, or form. With vast tracts of land widely available outside of major cities, it stands to reason that plenty of career opportunities related to real estate are where these areas are.

Major real estate developers such as AyalaLand, who have numerous real estate projects across the country, need property specialists where these are located to have it promoted through advertisements, open houses, and participation in various sales and marketing initiatives. Given that real estate transactions are significant in value, this type of career if often lucrative no matter the location.

There is more to real property that its sales and marketing of course. An important aspect of property is its design and development, and developers like Rockwell Land are among those who employ Design Coordinators and Architects to help design and develop their properties, be it condominiums, shopping centers, or hotels. Property Managers also have considerable options, as places like Masungi GeoReserve often require maintenance and upkeep.

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