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Kalibrr University Partners: Discovering Career Paths and Meaningful Work Opportunities
For the Students

Kalibrr University Partners: Discovering Career Paths and Meaningful Work Opportunities

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on May 14, 2019

Help yourself and others prepare for the future of work by collaborating with us and our employer-partners in expanding the skills and knowledge you develop in school while also directing you to the opportunities that can help you discover and define your career

At work, there are often two kinds of professionals. There are those who discovered their calling at an early age, and knew that they wanted to be a teacher, fireman, physician, or some other, even as toddlers. Then there are those who had to let their education, experiences, or even financial circumstances play a hand in their choice.

What rings true for both is that starting any career takes a lot of effort. The job market is wide and vast, and finding your dream job can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Similarly, your dream employers are also having trouble finding you, as your resume can get drowned out in a sea of other applications.

At Kalibrr, we believe that the right opportunities is what gets a meaningful career going. This is our primary reason why we continue with our mission to serve as the most comprehensive job matching platform in Southeast Asia. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we connect qualified candidates with the best possible employers, effectively helping the former find meaningful work while also helping ensure the latter gets talent that fit their team and culture.

Of course, we understand that careers aren’t made with just a job search. You’re in school to prepare for your professional future, and as early as now, Kalibrr wants to be there as you develop your skills and uncover your passions. As our Kalibrr University Partner, we act on our commitment to empower you and your university to find career opportunities that matter through the following:


Access to a Wide Range of Career Opportunities

Since being established in 2012, Kalibrr has had the privilege of working with over 18,000 employers and counting. These include the likes of Aboitiz,, Google, ABS-CBN, Toyota, Grab, and Shopee to name a few.

With the help of our A.I. supported job-matching system, we not only ensure that you receive the latest information about work and internship opportunities with these and other companies, but we also make sure that the jobs suggested to you are significant to reaching your career goals.


Kalibrr for Hiring and Recruitment

Should your university need to hire personnel you can leverage Kalibrr’s AI powered recruitment to cover your hiring needs. Similarly, you can also look to Kalibrr to increase your chances of employment success, by signing up for free on the platform and having continued access to the previously mentioned wide range of career opportunities.


Learning, training, and collaborating with industry leaders

While most known for our AI-powered HR and recruitment related services, Kalibrr connects you to more than just job opportunities. We can also help you get a good glimpse of the professional world through internship and training opportunities with our partner-employers.

So whether a course requirement or a personal choice to gain more experience in different companies or industries, internship and training opportunities are open to you and your school as a valued Kalibrr University Partner.


Data and Insights

Connecting qualified talent to meaningful jobs with notable employers using artificial intelligence for over a handful of years now, Kalibrr has had the opportunity to gather data and observe industry trends. As our partner, we can share the information we continue to gather to help your school benchmark and monitor where your alumni are going.


Event Planning and Sponsorship

Should you or your school be looking to hold a career related event, Kalibrr can provide you assistance in planning and in finding speakers and sponsors. Similar to how we match candidates with the right opportunities and employers, we do the same for you by connecting you to companies and industry associations who can be resource speakers and/or collaborators for your event.

As previously mentioned, Kalibrr has worked with over 18,000 employers and counting, and similar to establishing University Partnerships, have also partnered with a number of government agencies and professional organizations to positively affect HR, recruitment, and employment. So no matter the nature of your career event, be it an industry-specific seminar or promote part-time work or internships, we are the ideal partners that can work with you.


Being a Kalibrr University Partner, all events, advocacies, or programs we have the privilege of working on with you will also be promoted across all our network and associated social media channels. Kalibrr can definitely enhance your brand by leveraging social media through stories, articles, video, and digital advertising content to cultivate targeted audiences.

As of April, we currently work 39 University Partners, as well as 13 total Association, Government, Non-Government, and Corporate Partners.

Kalibrr University PartnersKalibrr Association and Government Partners

To learn more about Kalibrr’s partnerships and how it works, or for inquiries on how to become a Kalibrr University Partner, please contact:


Program Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships

Kalibrr is a technology company that aims to transform how candidates find jobs and how companies hire talent. Placing the candidate experience at the center of everything it does, the company continues to attract the best talent from all over, with more than 2 million professionals and counting. Kalibrr ultimately connects these talents to companies in search of their next generation of leaders.

The only end-to-end recruitment solutions provider in Southeast Asia, Kalibrr is headquartered in Makati, Philippines, with offices in San Francisco, California and Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2012, it has served over 18,000 clients, and is backed by some of the world’s most powerful start-up incubators and venture capitalists. These include Y Combinator, Omidyar Network, Patamar Capital, Wavemaker Partners, and Kickstart Ventures.

For more information, visit Kalibrr on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.