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Enter the workforce the right way: Things to consider when picking your first job
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Enter the workforce the right way: Things to consider when picking your first job

By Carlito Mortel on May 2, 2019

You're a graduating student and the large, inevitable world lies in front of you, waiting for you to make your first move. Looking for a place to plant yourself right after college can be a seemingly impossible task because there seems to be an endless number of companies out there. Your first job can be a career-boosting move or a total mismatched blunder. Here are a few things to consider before signing with your first job:



Often regarded as a convenience, location is actually a very crucial part in picking a job. You could enjoy the job itself, but is it really worth driving four hours a day in mind-numbing Metro Manila traffic? With business hubs popping up in many major cities in Metro Manila, trying to look for a job close to you has become easier than ever. Your peace of mind affects your performance at work, and having a job close to your home can help you relax and gives you one less thing to worry about.


Salary and Benefits

For many people, this is why they’re applying for a job in the first place. How much you’re making affects how you live your daily life. For your first job, getting the salary you want is important to set yourself up with investments or even just a good amount in your savings account. Benefits aren’t just bonus perks. Things like the quality of healthcare and the added allowances can increase your quality of living.


Company Culture

This one might be the hardest to gauge, since you won’t really know what it’s like until you get there. Not all companies run the same way, and some people are suited for some offices better than others. Ask your interviewer what it’s like working in the company. Important aspects to this include work environment, how strict they are with hours, overtime culture and company structure and hierarchy. It’s crucial that you enjoy and are comfortable being in the office itself, because that’s when you can actually do your best work.


Personal Skillset and Experience

You must know if you can actually do the job. Learning on the job is becoming popular, but many jobs aren’t meant to be started from scratch. For example, it’s okay to not be the best at the tools needed for graphic design, but if you don’t know how to use any of them at all when you apply, then that graphic design job probably won’t go well.


Career Trajectory

After this job, what do you want to do? Whether it be a promotion in the same company, or just another job in the same industry, you have to know how the job you’re applying for can help you reach your goals. A totally unrelated first job will get you nowhere if your long term goals are in a different industry and field. Plotting your career path can help you more accurately select that first step with your first job.


The Job Itself

This one is the most important out of all the factors, and can be summed up in one question: Are you going to enjoy your job? It might be a lucrative job right around the corner and will set you up for success, but if your job doesn’t inject your with a sense of purpose and drive to actually do it, then it might not be worth it. This factor is composed of lots of components from the previous factors as well, and it’s because it is the culmination of all those. Every job requires sacrifice and working hard, but if it doesn’t fulfill you in any way, it won’t only affect your performance, but it will also take a toll on your personal well-being. Making sure you actually want to be at your job is a guaranteed way your won’t regret signing with a company.



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