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 Exciting Jobs to Start Your IT Career
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Exciting Jobs to Start Your IT Career

By Braulio Giron, Jr. on April 8, 2019

The tech industry is showing no signs of slowing down with career opportunities available even for fresh graduates with newly learned skills in information and technology

For the past two decades, the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia have become one of the top markets to outsource services, not only for customer support but also for outsourcing tech services of international businesses, thanks to its tech-savvy and well-spoken workforce.

Remember the days when most companies typically only had one I.T. guy at management’s beck and call? Those instances are as good as gone because, in addition to being a top outsourcing destination, the country and region have also become a hotbed for start-up companies and tech-related businesses.

As a result, many companies continue to assemble large teams of professionals to cover their increasing tech requirements, and the following are some of the best positions that are available to fresh graduates.


Service Desk / Customer Support

Among the jobs that are most often open to fresh graduates, Customer Support or Service Desk positions are an ideal place to start an I.T. career. It not only puts one directly in contact with customers or clients but the need to have a continuous working knowledge of a company’s products and services can also eventually lead to roles in product development.


Applications Developer

Since mobile applications are becoming an increasingly common part of many online business’ services, becoming an application developer is specifically ideal since it allows even fresh grads with general degrees the opportunity to write apps for popular environments like Windows, .NET, Linux and SQL. From this point, you can then begin to specialize in other application development languages.


Quality Assurance Specialist

As information and technology needs expand and solutions become more varied, companies now have a greater need for Quality Assurance Specialists and Engineers to test IT apps and equipment to ensure they work as planned and to implement new changes. The job is a viable one even for fresh graduates, as long as you are familiar with the technology and are willing to be trained constantly to keep pace with the constant advances in I.T.


Web Developer

Among the more classic roles in I.T., Web Developer is one of the more recommended roles for fresh graduates since a lot of the skills and know-how needed for the job can be learned within the now-traditional I.T. curriculum. Of course, new skills can and must be learned on the job and in training, but having an I.T. degree for some companies is enough for you to earn the opportunity to be a Web Developer.


Junior Programmer

Generally defined as the process of creating computer software, programming is another notable job which fresh grads can consider as they dabble into the I.T. industry. You need not also be an I.T. or computer science graduate to become a Programmer, as many companies also accept those with degrees in Math, Physics, Science, or any degree in general, to be trained and employed as a junior and senior programmer.


System Administrator/ Administrative I.T. Support

Responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, System Administrator positions exist in just about every company making use of I.T. and digital technology in their operations. Larger companies, expectedly, have more hardware to maintain, and often employ a system administration team. In such instances, fresh grads have the opportunity to work and learn from more experienced administrators.


These are just a few I.T. related jobs which fresh graduates can apply to, with current jobs expected to increase, and new roles expected to be created, as the industry continues to expand and be part of more businesses. To learn more about I.T. positions currently available, you can visit


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