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Jumpstart Your Career! Announcing Our Partnerships to Prepare You for the Future of Work

By Diah Wahyu Asih on May 5, 2018

Are you a freshman student, still in the process to adapt to new environment and hunt for the tastiest cup of coffee in town? Or are you a third or fourth year student, currently pulling an all-nighter to cram the mathematical formula or polish your essay while occasionally getting distracted by Instagram stories?

Whatever year you are in, we believe that the old adage “Work Hard, Play Hard” still rings true. Perhaps some of you are already planning to come to a barbecue party held by your university’s Indonesian student associations or packing your luggage to spend the semester break at home. But, what if, on top of “work” and “play,” Kalibrr adds another part: “Explore harder”?

The act of “exploring” can mean many things: one is trying out various sports, while another is unleashing their creative side through arts. No matter the activity, we believe that exploring could lead you to discover something that you never thought possible or may interest you. Here at Kalibrr, this is especially true when exploring career options.

It is never too early to explore a wide range of industry sectors and possible career paths—you will never know what the future has in store. You might find out that, despite majoring in finance, the boundaryless IT world interests you more. And that is precisely what we offer to you at Kalibrr. We are committed to empower you in finding career opportunities that matter, and we do it by bridging you and your student organization with leading employers and a wide array of career opportunities in Indonesia.

Find out how we will deliver our promise to you as our educational and student partners:

1. Exposure to a wide range of career opportunities

Through our diverse client portfolio, from unicorns like Go-Jek and Lazada, to leading banks like Bank Central Asia and Bank Mandiri, to major conglomerates like Ciputra Group and CT Group, Kalibrr will supply you with the latest information on company’s job and internship openings.

2. Obtain first-hand experience of the professional world by attending company visits and office tours

What better way to know more about an industry other than from the players themselves? As a partner, Kalibrr is very keen to hold company visits or live webinars that brings together the industry’s key people and household names to share what it’s really like to work at the respective industry or company. We are confident that they too will share some lifehacks on how to succeed in interviews!

Recently, Kalibrr partnered with PPI Australia to organize office tours to BCA and Ciputra Group during the students’ summer break that you can read here. Based on the participants’ thoughts, we are glad that the event was proven to provide memorable moments and valuable insights on the day-to-day operations of real estate industry and the meaningful impact it brings to the future of the nation.

3. Career Mentoring

Kalibrr will provide career mentoring session (onsite/online) exclusive for you and your student organization. Kalibrr will continuously provide the latest career tips through blogs and social media posts. This program is intended to help your members to be more employable and get the tips on how to get hired faster from the industry experts.

4. Website Integration

Job board of will be integrated automatically to your website, so that members of PPI will always be able to access the latest job vacancies from our notable clients. For the sample of website integration, kindly check here.

As Kalibrr University Organization partner, you will have the opportunity to start recruiting volunteers and members for your own organization’s operations through our Artificial Intelligence Powered Recruitment System.

5. Sponsorship and mentoring opportunity for your career-related event

Are you or your organization planning to hold a career fair or seminar? Feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we’ll try to work out a sponsorship and mentoring package exclusively for you. We can help you provide speakers from various well-known companies in Indonesia for career-related events.

6. Free Co-working Space for your organization's activities

As partner, we are delighted to support your organization's activities by providing co-working space. Do you need to gather your member and discuss many things but having difficulties in providing a comfortable place? If so, don't hesitate to contact us because we can provide you co-working space for free.

7. Free Recruitment System for non-profit organization

Kalibrr's recruitment system, our main product, has been used by top-tier companies in Indonesia. If you want to know how big companies hire talents and if your organization need to recruit committee or volunteer, this is a great opportunities for you to use our recruitment system for free. We can give you training on how to use Kalibrr's recruitment system special for non-profit organization. One of our partners, AIESEC Indonesia, has used our platform for their recruitment process. Kindly check it here to know more.

For now we have collaborated with over 30 organizational partners, comprising of leading Indonesian universities, international student associations, and non-governmental organization—opening up to new and exciting opportunities for engagement.

[caption id="attachment_12275" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Kalibrr Education Partners[/caption]

As we’ve said in the beginning, it’s never too early to start exploring. More than 30 Indonesian student associations and educational institutions from both sides of the equator have started to evolve from the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. Kalibrr is more than happy to welcome and accommodate you to this exploratory world. Should you or your student organization be interested to become our partners, kindly fill the registration form here.

If you have any question, feel free to shoot an e-mail to Diah Wahyu ( to find out more about how Kalibrr’s partnership works. We look forward to hearing from you, and we strive to ensure that you and your organization will be able to #MakeYourSuccess.